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Press Clippings
Summary of recent Netpreneur Program media attention

About Netpreneurship:

Washington Post:
Venture Capital: Doorway to Internet Dreams  (6.27.99)

NY Times:
Creating a Silicon Valley Around Washington, D.C. (5.31.98)

LA Times:
The Internet Capital  (4.20.98)

Red Herring:
High-Water Mark - (April 1998)

Wired News:
Netplex: A Rival to Neither Valley nor Alley (12.12.97)

E Business Magazine
A Net Entrepreneur's Best Friend (October 1997)

Fast Company Magazine
New Rules for Net Entrepreneurs (Aug/Sept 97)

Business America TV show #458 (9.28.97)

About the Netpreneur Program:

Information, Please -- and More, Mario Morino Helps Fledgling Firms Find Funding, Advice (12.26.97)

Yahoo! - Wired News
Newbiz Column: High-tech startups getting smart (11.14.97)

A Club That Helps Net Entrepreneurs Get Going (11.7.97)

New York Times Cybertimes
Leveraging Government Into New-Media Enterprise (10.24.97)

From Garage to Gorilla:

MSNBC: Net start-ups get advice from the big guys  (6.9.99)


Stars of Telecom:

Washington Post
The Region and the Revolution: Focus on Information Creates a Telecom Hub (11.3.97)

Wired News
Telepalooza: Entrepreneurs Beat Establishment (10.23.97)

WTOP radio feature
October 24-26, 1996

Coffee + DoughNets:

Event Web
Netpreneurs Do "Coffee and DoughNets" (11.3.97)

About the Region:

Goodbye Beltway, Hello Byteway (3.18.99)


The Hot New Tech Cities (cover story) (11.9.98)
NBC Nightly News
Feature (11.8.97)

Washington Post
N. Virginia Taps Internet's Information Resources to Fuel Economic Growth (10.30.95)

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