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The Netpreneur Exchange offers a wealth of information about netpreneurship in the Greater Washington Region and in general. Our purpose is to connect netpreneurs with people, resources, information and funders who can help them start and/or advance their business.

Open Areas

All visitors to the Netpreneur Exchange can access information about our programs, including event summaries and transcripts, streaming video, articles and speeches about netpreneurs and their companies, the basics of building a net-centric business, business plans, and funding. And much more. All visitors are invited to subscribe to Netpreneur News and Calendar, published weekly. Click here to subscribe.

Registered User Areas

Some areas of the site include protected content and a short registration is required. These areas include the Funder and Netpreneur databases, which include listings of over 1500 entities combined in these two categories. Other protected areas include the Netpreneur Funding Resource List and the Netpreneur FAQs. To register for these areas, go to register.

Discussion Groups

You can participate in a variety of discussion groups. Netpreneurship, advertising & marketing, funding, early stage financing are the broad areas, but topics span virtually every area of Internet entrepreneurship. It's easy to get involved -- you'll just need to subscribe via email to the list(s) of your choice. Visit Discussion Groups to sign up.

Once you subscribe to a list, you'll be able to register to gain access to the archives of the Discussion Groups, and the email process is simple and fast.

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