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AM: a web advertising laugh

To:     "''" <>
Subject:     AM: a web advertising laugh
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Wed, 2 Jul 1997 13:06:14 -0400


The following comments on consumer web advertising is worth a chuckle 
and comes from the's Internet Advertising Report, a weekly 
list and a courtesy of Mecklermedia's 


>The Enigma of Web Advertising

>Some interesting observations on banner advertising from Lawrence 
>Peryer Jr., director of business development at CD Universe, in a 
>piece on Clickz: 

>"The ads with the best click thru always yield the worse sales 
>totals, and of course the ads that perform least on click yield 
>excellent sales numbers. Pass the Tums . . ." 

>"Any time I use my company logo, click thru is virtually non-
>existent. I brand with my tag line: The Most Music, The Best 
>Prices. It appears on all of our creative as well as any page on 
>our site a banner links to." 

>Peryer says that although he has spent countless hours and 
>hundreds of thousands of dollars doing banner campaigns, Internet 
>advertising remains an enigma. He offers this wisdom: 

>"So here's a typical conversation with my design team: 

>"Me: Okay, we need some new banners this week. Our objectives are 
>the same: many qualified leads to insure a high sales rate. Make 
>'em bright, crisp, engaging, but slightly low-key and tasteful.

>Use bright colours and dull ones, too. Animate, but not too much. 
>Keep file size low, but get the message across. 

>"Design team: We quit." 

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