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AM: Re: Another web advertising laugh

To:     Mitch Arnowitz <>, "''" <>
Subject:     AM: Re: Another web advertising laugh
From:     Christine Moore <>
Date:     Wed, 02 Jul 1997 21:09:40 -0400

Mitch and all, 

Continuing in a lighter vein, I thought you might enjoy this little
anti-spam gem from colleague Jim Sterne, author of several excellent
books on Internet Marketing.  

He wrote the following poem recently for the first year anniversary
of the Online Advertising discussion list hosted by Tenagra
Corporation. The poem is reprinted here WITH his permission.
(Actually, when I asked,   he sent me another poem lamenting the
fact that most people don't ever stop to ask him when they repost his content.) 

Some of you Net "oldtimers" may remember the excellent presentation
he gave here in December 1995 on Internet Marketing to the CPCUG
Internet SIG, organized by fellow Netpreneur Gabe Goldberg.  Jim's
worth hearing, anytime he's in town....though on balance we agreed
he should not quit his "day job."  

Christine Moore
NextWave Communications


A Bird's Eye View of
Advertising on the Internet

by Jim Sterne


Clickthroughs may be artificial.
Branding can be beneficial.
Pushing ads is superficial.
Pop up ads are interstitial.

E-mail spam is sacrificial.

E-mail spam's a blasted bore.

Direct response can bring in cash.
Animation adds some flash.
Privacy and Cookies clash.
Java makes my browser crash.

E-mail spam brings naught but trash.

E-mail spam just makes me sore.

Banners spawn in mass profusion.
Making money's an illusion.
IPO's spell cash infusion.
Legislation brings confusion.

E-mail spam is an intrusion.

E-mail spam just makes me roar.

Banner selling's one tough story
Due to so much inventory.
Tightly targeting your quarry
Is the road to clickthrough glory.

E-mail spam revenge is gory.

E-mail spam means legal war.

This industry is young and learning
Each investor daily yearning
Many trying, many hurting
While we with fame and flame are flirting.

E-mail spam just leaves me burning.

E-mail spam strikes to the core.

SO, that's the take from my perception.
If you think you take exception,
Feeling that I need correction,
Bring it to the List's attention.

But PLEASE don't spam me anymore.

To e-mail spam say, "Nevermore."

Jim Sterne Target Marketing
Author: "World Wide Web Marketing" 805-965-3184
"Customer Service on the Internet" and Consultant
"What Makes People Click: Advertising on the Internet"

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9978 Blackberry Lane	  FAX:   703-757-5131 
Great Falls, VA 22066
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