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Fwd: Re: AM: regional banner buy

To:     "''" <>
Subject:     Fwd: Re: AM: regional banner buy
From:     Ann Shack <>
Date:     Mon, 07 Jul 1997 22:23:26 -0400 (EDT)

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Date: Tuesday, 07-Jul-09 08:19 PM

From: Ann Shack                \ MCI Mail:    (ashack / MCI ID: 732-2532)
To:   Mitch Arnowitz           \ Internet:    ('

Subject: Re: AM: regional banner buy

Most of the firms that sell banner advertising work with the advertising
agencies. You might take a look at the Washington Post for local ads. I notice
that Digital Cities works with them.

We are going to contract with a company called ADSmart out of Mass. They can
focus advertising ads in targetted segments. If you would like my contact's
name and phone number, let me know. 

Ann Shack
MapSys Inc.
(703) 519-5253
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Date: Monday, 07-Jul-97 05:08 PM

From: Mitch Arnowitz           \ Internet:    (
From: Mitch Arnowitz           \ Internet:    (
To:   "''" \ Internet:    (

Subject: AM: regional banner buy

I am potentially interested in targeting a regional audience for the Netpreneur
Program. If I include banner ads in my plan, I will be searching for relevant, 
high trafficked local sites, sites that reach a local audience, or services
that  target local sites. 

I'm not worried yet about sectors, .com vs. .org, cost/cpm, click throughs,
etc.  As a start, I am trying to determine if others in the group have faced a
similar  need and the services or companies they have used for regional

Does anyone know if services such as Doubleclick or Link Exchange provides 
geographic targeting? Has anyone spoken with New Century Network's  NewsWorks
or other newspaper networks about a targeted banner buy yet? 

Does anyone have banner experience (including results) with local content 
guides (e.g.: Digital Cities, CitySearch)? Has anyone worked with telcos or
yellow/white page directories for a regional buy (e.g.: Bigbook)?

BTW, my banner need or objective here is branding & advertising, not  direct
sales. Also, I can ID popular, relevant, regional sites and search  engines- I
was searching for a service, network or company that  bundles these sites.
Please respond to this post via the list at:


Mitch Arnowitz <>
Business Development 
The Netpreneur Program  

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Re: AM: regional banner buy, Chris Bertchie

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