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Re: AM: new Internet publication -- marketing/PR

Subject:     Re: AM: new Internet publication -- marketing/PR
From:     "David P. Thomasson" <>
Date:     Wed, 13 Aug 1997 14:50:58 -0400
Organization:     Telematique Consulting (
References:     <>


May I suggest four avenues for your zine's advertising scheme.  First,
place banner ads with search engines and other high traffic sites.  Many
of these sites are savvy enough to have your ad target specific
audiences.  Second, try some of the new Push technology resources such
as Point Cast ( ).  Third, strategically use
all the search engines to get your page as close to the top of the
search return lists as possible.  Fourth, good old fashion placement of
print ads in targeted publications.  Web Week and Lan Times are good
examples.   I could help you with any of these.

Good luck!
Dave wrote:

> Hi folks:
> I'm in the process of starting a digitally based
> newsletter/information
> service (delivered e-mail only, at this point, though with Web back up
> of
> course).
> The newsletter will be targeted to high-tech executives, and cover a
> niche
> area of emerging Internet technology.  For argument's sake, please
> assume
> that I've done the right research and that the publication truly fills
> an
> unmet need.
> Any thoughts on how to market/publicize such a product on a shoestring
> budget? (I've rejected up front the notion of a mass  commercial
> solicitation
> via e-mail, for tons of reasons.)
> I intend to a) make a lot of personal contacts (natch), b) seed PR
> Newswire
> and Business Wire with the occasional release trumpting special
> features, c)
> start a listserv on the topic and possibly d) take out small display
> or
> classified ads to build traffic.
> I'll also have the Web page with which to make my point of course; any
> thoughts on what makes a Web page an effective marketing vehicle (it
> must
> also still make sense as a publication).
> I'd appreciate any additional suggestions you might have!
> Regards,
> Anne Zieger
> P.S.  By the way, my apologies if you're hearing this song for the
> second
> time -- I'm subscribed to and posted on Early Stage on this topic.

David P. Thomasson
Managing Partner
Telematique Consulting, L.L.C.
Phone 703.379.8296
Fax 703.379.2796

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