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AM: Web content business model

Subject:     AM: Web content business model
From:     Skher Sean Brown <>
Date:     Fri, 29 Aug 1997 14:28:57 -0400


	I am a rookie Netpreneur needing some feedback on our approach to a
business model.
Me and my partner are developing a business around creating
niche-specific web content to be supplied to target market high profile
web sites.  As  a launching project, we intend on creating digital
content as a programming series around some cultural archival materials
from a prominent national musuem (we have both the contacts and
confirmed interests.)  
	To open our operational doors we have a particular advertising company
in mind (with a corresponding target market focus but no online unit; we
have knowledge of their interest in taking on web projects) for forming
a partnership with.    They have a number of big name clients (Ford,
Burger King, Kodak, etc.) who look to them to get at their African
American segment markets.  Basically we would be propositioning them for
project funding, some of their business resources, and possibly a
percentage of any client revenue generated by the project.   As our
content programming would be hosted by a site with a pre-established
audience, the ad agency could offer its current and new clients web
marketing thereby capturing new business.  note: the ad agency's clients
would be packaged with content as sponsors. 
Question: Does this model sound fesible ? Why not, what issues come to
mine?  Any alternative models?  We also have a high profile site with
expressed in hosting our content programming.  What type arrangement
should be make with them. 
	Sorry for the length.  Any helpful suggestions or creative criticism is


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