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AM: new service for ad-market!

To:     "''" <>
Subject:     AM: new service for ad-market!
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Tue, 9 Sep 1997 18:46:08 -0400


For some time, I have been receiving real time news and information
that revolves around the Internet commerce, advertising and marketing
space. Press releases come from a variety of sources, including 
Business Wire, Futures World News, M2 Newswire, Newsbytes, PR 
Newswire, Reuters, UPI and US Newswire. Much of this information 
eventually finds its way into traditional and trade press. Receiving immediate 
news in this format (email) has value to me and is a time saver. 

Shortly, I will compile and begin forwarding select, relevant press releases
to the group. Each day, you will get one or several notes from ad-market. 
I may compile news, send excerpts, or send the entire press release. You will 
always know where to get additional company information as well as the source 
used for information you receive.

I'd like to collect feedback from the group during a 2 week trial period. If you 
feel there is value here, I will continue to send out information in this manner.
So here's the deal: from now until September 26, I will distribute relevant news 
via the list. Posts will contain an * asterek * in the Subject line (looks like: AM*).     

Please send feedback to me, NOT the list at:

I will gather your feedback and report back to the group in a couple of weeks. 
In your feedback, please let me know: 

* is this a time saver?, is it of value?
* do you like receiving information in this format?
* what can we do to improve this service?


Mitch Arnowitz      Advertising/Marketing Discussion Group
Business Development
PKW Netpreneur Program 	               v 703.620.8971                                   f 703.620.4102

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