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AM: * Digex, AOL (again), talking ads SkyMall & Stealth Marketing

To:     "''" <>
Subject:     AM: * Digex, AOL (again), talking ads SkyMall & Stealth Marketing
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Fri, 12 Sep 1997 16:54:03 -0400

J.Crew selects DIGEX for Complex Web Site Management Services

 BELTSVILLE, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 28, 1997--J.Crew has 
selected DIGEX Inc. to provide its Web Site Management Services for 
the company's on-line catalog. 

"J.Crew is one of the best examples of a DIGEX customer using the 
Internet to attract and serve more customers," said Earl Galleher, 
president of the Web Site Management Group at DIGEX. "This is 
a prime illustration of a how an electronic commerce application 
on the Web can bring in revenue," he added. 

The J.Crew Web site, located at, offers visitors an
on-line catalog experience allowing customers to shop and order the
latest in classic sportswear for men and women - all through their 
computer's Web browser. "We selected DIGEX because of its proven 
expertise in providing complex Web site management services," said 
Arthur Cinader Jr, operations manager for J.Crew. 

Courtesy of: Exposure Internet Advertising and Marketing News: 
"A free clipping service for the busy Net professional". For subscription 

New Net ads make a noise          

Web surfers used to cool, quiet Internet waters are in for a 
surprise this week from ads that not only blink and dance for 
attention but also bang and yell at users. 

That's right, talkies have come to the Web. AT&T this week 
launched a two-week ad campaign on about a half-dozen sites
featuring a little girl who knocks on the door and pleads, 
"Hey, let me in." The ad is debuting on popular sites such as 
USA Today, Lycos, GeoCities, and CBS Sportsline.

* This is neat stuff, talking ads & all. This ad also
launches a co-branded site that includes parents soup, AT&T, disney
.com and Check it out at: 

Federated to Launch New "Macy's By Mail" Catalog

Business Wire - September 11, 1997 

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 1997--Federated Department 
Stores, Inc. today announced plans to launch a new national Macy's By Mail 
catalog, beginning in mid-1998. Ronald L. Ramseyer, 54, formerly senior vice 
president of direct marketing at Talbots, has been named president and 
chief executive officer of the new Macy's By Mail catalog operation, effective 
September 22. 

The company said it concluded that a Macy's By Mail catalog offers significant 
potential for extending the reach of the Macy's nameplate both nationally and internationally, 
including into markets not now served by Macy's stores, while 
providing a vehicle for longer term growth in other areas of non-store retailing. 

"We think this approach gives us the best of both worlds," said James M. 
Zimmerman, Federated's chairman and chief executive officer. "It enables the 
Macy's By Mail catalog to develop its own strong merchandising and marketing 
identity, building on the tremendous recognition and appeal of the Macy's 
nameplate, while still realizing cost and operational support benefits from the 
company's established Bloomingdale's By Mail direct mail infrastructure." 

(NOTE: Information on Federated and its operating divisions is available on 
the Internet at . Copies of past press releases 
and corporate background data also are available by calling Fax-On-Demand 
at 1-800-853-9150.)

* Michael Simon, of LocalEyes, writes to tell me that his 
company has just refurbished the website. This up & coming local netpreneur 
makes it simple for consumers to search for local companies, 
products or services. LocalEyes is pursuing the ad model and 
even has the current Weather Channel's Blimp Site-ings, 
"Scratch-N-Win" game up. Check it out at:

LodgeNet Begins Deployment of Interactive Shopping and 
Advertising Program

PR Newswire - September 11, 1997 

250,000 Rooms Targeted by Year End

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- LodgeNet Entertainment
Corporation (Nasdaq: LNET) today announced that it has begun deployment 
of two new services, a Skymall shopping service and an interactive advertising
program, delivered to hotel guest rooms served by the company's proprietary
b-LAN(SM) (broadband local area network) system.  The new services will 
complement the company's existing offerings which include pay-per-view movies, 
network-based video games, guest room internet access and more.

"With these new services, we are not only expanding and improving the quality of 
our in-room entertainment and services, but also creating new revenue streams for
our company.  After announcing our intention to develop these services in June 
of 1997, the flexibility and robust capability of our b-LAN(SM) system allowed us to
develop and deploy these services rapidly and cost-effectively to the hundreds
of thousands of rooms that we serve."

The Skymall shopping service allows hotel guests to access a video version
of the printed SkyMall (Nasdaq: SKYM) catalog available on major airlines.
The interactive shopping service offered to hotel guests will be targeted to
the busy traveler and will include many of the products offered to airline
passengers in the printed Skymall catalog.  
LodgeNet's advertising program incorporates a limited number of
Internet-like banner ads and longer-form content spread across the array of
menus and instructions which guide guests through the LodgeNet interactive
television system.  Target Media Networks, a new media firm in partnership
with LodgeNet, is developing and marketing media opportunities on the system.

SOURCE  LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation
CONTACT:  Ann Parker, Director of Corporate Communications of LodgeNet
Entertainment Corporation, 800-257-2345; Christine Aguilera, VP of Business
Development of SkyMall, 602-254-9777; or Steve Hunt, Director of Sales of
Target Media Networks, 303-329-3610

KeyBank USA Debuts 'Afford-a-Boat' Kiosk at Tampa Boat Show

PR Newswire - September 11, 1997

Kiosk Helps Consumers Calculate Affordability of the Boat of Their Dreams

TAMPA, Fla., Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Next to buying a home or paying for
a college education, the purchase of a car or boat are some of the biggest
financial decisions a family can make.  In most cases, first-time boat buyers
do not have the same access to financial coaching or practical tips on how to
finance their "dream boat" the way car enthusiasts do through innovative
dealers like Auto Nation or Internet solutions like Auto-By-Tel.  This week,
however, the tides have turned.

For the first time, consumers attending the Florida State Boat Show in
Tampa can calculate the affordability of the boat of their dreams via KeyBank
USA's new "Afford-A-Boat" kiosk....


WhoWhere? and The Lightspan Partnership Join to Bring Free Web-based
E-Mail to Students Across the U.S.; Ed-Mail Provides K-12 Students with 
an Easy Way to Communicate and Collaborate Using the Internet

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 8, 1997--In an effort to 
bridge the gap between the home and classroom, WhoWhere?, Inc. announced 
today a collaboration with The Lightspan Partnership, Inc. to provide free 
Web-based e-mail to K-12 students and classrooms. Called Ed-Mail, the new 
service will be accessible beginning today via Lightspan's two Internet 
products, The Lightspan Network and Lightspan Local Connect.

CONTACT: WhoWhere Carrie Cowan, 408/280-6000 ext. 219
or 415/917-1300 or
The Lightspan Partnership Josh Groves, 619/824-8000  Director, 
Internet Products

TMP Worldwide Announces Advertising Agreement With America Online

Business Wire - September 11, 1997 

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--September 11, 1997--TMP Worldwide 
(NASDAQ: TMPW), one of the world's largest recruitment advertising agencies and 
a leader in Internet recruitment, announced today that it has signed an advertising 
agreement with America Online (NYSE: AOL), the world's leading Internet online 

Under the agreement, TMP's popular career sites, The Monster Board and Online
Career Center (OCC) will have a premium advertising positioning in AOL's Employment 
Classifieds Area. AOL members clicking on the banner ads will have access to more than 
100,000 job listings, personal job search agents, resume-building and posting capabilities, 
company profiles and valuable advice on managing a career. 

What's Your Competition Up To? Interactive Directories, Inc. Introduces
Quantitative Internet Market Analyses

PR Newswire - September 11, 1997 

CHICAGO, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Companies should look both ways before
crossing the road into cyberspace -- who's coming up on the left, who's ahead
on the right.  Once the coast is clear, you can cross that road with

According to one Internet expert, that's the key to success.  And it
couldn't be more simple. Interactive Directories, Inc., publisher of the award-winning
Website Go 2 What's New ( celebrated a birthday 
today by announcing discounted prices are being offered during September on new
programs to help companies evaluate their position in the online marketplace.
The company is now offering quantitative, tailor-made market analyses of
competitors' Internet programs to companies who are either looking to
establish an Internet presence or to elevate their current status to a level
not yet reached within their industry.  IDI will then use that data to help
carve out, or just refine, a marketing plan that will best fit the company's

Since its debut in September of 1996, Go 2 What's New continues to provide the
latest product news from news agencies and companies making headlines around
the world, full-page product ad displays, and links to nearest points of
purchase in several categories:  Computers, Consumer Electronics, Travel,
Gifts, Gourmet & Dining, Music and Finance.  Current advertisers include
Intuit, Motorola, CuisineNet, American Airlines, Hitachi, IBM, Sony, Warner
Brothers and many more.
For information on how to obtain a market analysis for your company,
contact Randall Pickard, Marketing Director at 312-658-0300  or
SOURCE  Go 2 What's New 

Success Marketplace Successfully Launched On Internet

PR Newswire - September 11, 1997 

LONGWOOD, Fla., Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ --  Fortune Financial Systems, Inc.
(OTC BULLETIN BOARD: FFSY) is pleased to announce what is expected to 
become one of the most recognizable commerce sites on the Internet, Success

The URL is This marketplace, developed in conjunction
with "Success Magazine," provides cutting edge features, which allow consumers
to access one-stop shopping with the latest security technology, as well as 
links to the best sites on the Internet.  

SOURCE  Fortune Financial Systems, Inc.

U. S. Ad Reps Get Free Ride to Catch Up with Online Customers

Business Wire - September 11, 1997 

PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 1997--So explosive is the growth of the
Internet  as a mass medium that an industry analyst firm has taken a novel approach to 
educating national advertising sales people by offering to pay for their attendance at an important 
upcoming event. 

The Kelsey Group, the leading analyst in the Yellow Pages and online directories 
industries, in conjunction with the Association of Directory Marketers (ADM),
has opened its fall conference to ADM certified marketing representatives (CMRs and agencies),
which are among the largest businesses in the United States. That group
of 68 CMRs and agencies handles 85% of the estimated $1.55 billion in national 
advertising sales annually. 
"Yes, it is very unusual for us to make this move," said Jim D'Arcangelo, 
executive vice president of The Kelsey Group. "But we are making it because 
never has it been more important for CMRs to get on board this bullet train where 
their customers have already taken a seat." D'Arcangelo said national advertisers are 
"fascinated to the point of being nearly fixated" on the new advertising opportunities 
on the World Wide Web. 
The Kelsey Group reports that online Yellow Pages directories now represent
 the second largest revenue-generating industry on the Internet (after search engines). 
A full description of the program and list of current speakers is available on The 
Kelsey Group's Web site at For more information or 
to register, contact Nanci Karas at 609/921-7200.
Courtesy of, 
a publication of marketing 1:1, inc.

to subscribe: send email to:

Psst...Can You Keep a Secret? Stealth Companies 
are on the Rise by Don Peppers

Just when you thought your industry couldn't get 
more cut-throat, here comes the invisible competitor.  
Stealth marketing is a little known approach to 
business success, but one that may become 
increasingly common - even as its practitioners 
remain virtually unknown.

As Allan E. Alter points out in the August 25th issue of 
( htp:// ), 
the Internet has given birth to a new breed of small, 
flexible firms capable of secretly stealing customers 
from large, integrated corporations. The article, 
brought to our attention by one of our readers, 
explains that stealth companies are ones that partner 
with other well known companies and then assign 
each a role in the value chain - such as back-office 
processing, customer care or financial services.  

While each member of the network focuses on its 
core competency, the stealth firm focuses on its 
customers. Inexpensive, Internet-based links help all 
the companies collaborate to undercut and 
outperform established players.

Most importantly, the established firms won't even 
know what hit them.  The stealth firm's identity is a 
secret that all of the members of the network are 
contracted to keep.  One stealth company is currently 
going after life insurance customers in a large 
European country.  

According to Raj Seksaria, director of operations at IBM Global 
Services Group, which uncovered the firm in its research on the 
future of networked corporate computing, this company has 
allied itself with several well known specialists in 
financial asset management, policy administration, 
actuarial analysis and reinsurance.  

Such enterprises, which promise their partners new revenue 
opportunities in return for their support and silence, 
may ultimately transform whole industries. "No one 
will catch them because they can't see them," says 

HOOD RIVER, Ore.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 11, 1997--

The Online Frenzy Multiplies With Weekly Computer Auctions

Surplus Direct, leading online retailer, today announces the arrival of its first
Hyper Auction. 

Located at its successful Surplus Auction site,, 
Surplus Direct's Hyper Auction is a new, fast-paced, bidding process for real 
auction enthusiasts. Because Hyper Auctions last only an hour, they feature an
 intense, real-time auction experience where bidders are immediately notified of their 
winning bids. The next Hyper Auction will occur Thursday, September 11th. 

Founded in 1992, Surplus Direct is dedicated to providing its customers with 
superior value and service when purchasing previous- version computer hardware 
and software. Surplus Direct is located at 489 North 8th Street, Suite 100,
 Hood River, Oregon 97031. The company can be reached by phone at
 541/387-6000, and via fax at 541/386-5384. Surplus Direct is also available on the World Wide 
Web at and 

*and... this just in- Yale Brown, of Intelligent Interactions (and Old Town), 
<> sent a note over to let us know that his company
will be featured in a story on the NBC Nightly news either this Saturday 
or Sunday. Casandra Clayton is the reporter.

Yale's ad management/direct marketing technology is impressive, the 
company's clients include another local company and community builder- 
The Motley Fool, found at AOL keyword fool or:

Have a nice weekend!

Mitch Arnowitz      Advertising/Marketing Discussion Group
Business Development
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