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AM: IAB publishes a new study with GOOD news..

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: IAB publishes a new study with GOOD news..
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Mon, 6 Oct 1997 18:27:34 -0400


Following is information on a study just published by the IAB. As this
is an important piece, I am passing it along in its entirety..
Also, this feed comes courtesy of Phillips Publishing; a local newsletter
publisher and entrepreneur. "Subscribe" info. can be found at the end
of this story-
    New IAB Study Proves Effectiveness Of Online Ads
     In what should be a much-needed push to Web-shy advertisers, a new
     study by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) found online banner
     advertisements communicate with consumers as effectively as ads in
     traditional media. A single exposure to an online banner ad can
     increase brand awareness, intent to purchase and advertisement
     awareness, according to "The IAB Online Advertising Effectiveness
     Study" released last week.
     The study, commissioned by the New York-based IAB and conducted in
     June by advertising research company Mbinteractive, revealed that 60%
     to 70% of Web users are in favor of Web, TV and print advertising.
     Consumer loyalty to a product increased by an average of 4% after one
     exposure to the 12 brands included in the study.
     "This [study] is a big development for the business," says Ted West,
     executive vice president, development at Softbank Interactive
     Marketing. Online publishers should make sure their sales staff
     understands the study and works the results into their meetings with
     agencies and advertisers, West says. Click-through rates don't
     necessarily lead to brand enhancement, according to the study.
     Exposure to a banner ad was responsible for 96% of brand enhancement,
     while a click-through led to just 4%. That figure should please online
     publishers opposed to the click-through model, in which advertisers
     pay based on the number of times consumers click on an ad instead of
     overall impressions delivered.
     The study was conducted simultaneously using 12 highly trafficked and
     diverse Web sites: CNN Interactive, CompuServe [CSRV], ESPN
     SportsZone, Excite [XCIT], GeoCities, HotWired, Looksmart, Lycos
     [LCOS], MacWorld, National Geographic Online, People Online and ZDNet.
     The 16,758 Web viewers who participated looked at banner ads on a
     specially created page in the sites. Within one week, they received an
     email that tested their recall ability and impact of the
     advertisements' brand message.
     Industry executives took a cautiously optimistic view of the findings.
     "I think [the study] will help, but I don't think it's going to open
     the floodgates," says Sarah Chubb, director of New York-based CondeNet
     (Swoon, Epicurious Travel). Advertisers won't be totally sold on the
     Web until a reliable audience measurement standard is developed, Chubb
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Hottest Site On the Web for Twenty-somethings, Just Got Hotter

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 30, 1997-- 

Helped By The Best Technology Infrastructure For A Community Site, Memberships Breaks 500,000 
Barrier And Advertisers Dig Deeper In Their Pockets To Reach Highly Sought After Demographic

Tripod (, the hot destination site on the Web for the GenX community, has gotten even
hotter in the past four weeks as a record number of new members joined, sending total membership hurtling 
past the 500,000 mark. 

In the four-week period ending September 29, 70,000 new members joined, beating the previous 
four-week record by more than 20,000. Even before the jump in new members, Tripod was ranked as the 19th 
most visited Web site by PC Meter. The flurry of activity reinforces Tripod's increasingly central position as the 
gathering place for 18-34 year-olds seeking online community. That pivotal role has also led a slew of new 
blue-chip advertisers to flock to Tripod: Chrysler, Ford, Fidelity, Columbia Tristar, and others. 

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