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AM: Re: Sweepstakes/Online Shopping and PR Firms

To:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>, <>
Subject:     AM: Re: Sweepstakes/Online Shopping and PR Firms
From:     Christine Moore <>
Date:     Wed, 08 Oct 1997 18:41:30 -0400

Mitch and all,

Mitch just sent out an article from Ad Age about a new study being commissioned on the effectiveness of sweepstakes promotions for online commerce. He also reprinted a short item from Netpreneur News about a new site that our Internet PR firm, NextWave Communications, developed for Stackpole Books <>.

However, our news had been edited by the newsletter and omitted an key aspect that would've been a natural tie-in for Mitch's column: We also created and are conducting an online sweepstakes promotion until Nov. 30 to sell the publisher's featured Fall books, the Wild Bird Guide series. We proposed the drawing as part of our online marketing campaign.

I invite fellow Netpreneurs to drop by the site, check out our work, and enter Stackpole Books' Wild Bird Sweepstakes. You can win cool prizes: a pair of Nikon Lookout IV binoculars or an Absolute large-capacity bird feeder. No purchase is required, but the wild bird guides would make great, inexpensive holiday gifts. The site showcases natural histories from the "Northern Cardinal" and "Black-capped Chickadee," which were written by leading ornithologists; and many beautiful color photographs from top nature photographers. (Who says you can't have heavy use of graphics and images and still have the pages download quickly?!!)

The site and the sweepstakes were both launched recently, so it's too early to give out results. I was surprised, however, that more than a third of the sweepstakes entrants have requested the catalog. They have to read over a section about ordering the featured books to get to the part allowing them to request a free catalog, so we get them to at least consider the prospect. I'll be glad to report the final results here if anyone expresses interest.

We will be handling the publisher's featured books, from creating new sections for them at the web site, marketing them online, and planning and conducting the national and trade media publicity campaigns. We're hoping to use multi-media to introduce one of Stackpole's books this Spring. The book is coming out on a very hot topic and we're hoping to leverage the web site and publicity on some related events to make this a best-seller. I'll also be directly contacting the major national news media in both print and broadcast to promote their coverage of the book.

I'd be very interested in hearing from others on their experiences in putting together a sweepstakes, what kind of results they got, and their advice. I'm sure many other Netpreneurs would like to know, too; so please respond only to the group here.

Finally, on a separate note, Francis Costello from Smip Interactive, Inc recently asked here and again in the main Netpreneurs Discussion List about recommendations for PR firms and consultants, and invited responses from interested firms. I was tied up with other projects, and wasn't able to respond. He and other Netpreneurs, however, are always welcome to contact me to discuss PR, online marketing, and web design projects that they want to hire out.

My core skills are over 20 years experience in public relations, national media relations, and communications in the Washington, DC market for major industry groups, corporations, congressional subcommittees, and nonprofit organizations. I teamed up with a talented and experienced technical partner to offer web design services, and three years ago shifted my consulting practice into an Internet specialty. We provide a wide range of services, so we can take our clients almost anywhere they want to go on the Internet -- and off. We offer unique versatility, senior level skills in many areas, and a wide breadth of major corporate experience that most other PR or web design firms can't match in-house.

Christine Moore
NextWave Communications

NextWave Communications VOICE: 703-757-5130
9978 Blackberry Lane FAX: 703-757-5131
Great Falls, VA 22066

o Public Relations o Online Marketing o Web Design

Visit Our Latest Web Design Site, Stackpole Books Online, <> for the "Wild Bird Guides" and Other Quality Books on Nature, Outdoor Sports, Fly Fishing, Civil War, History, Crafts & Hobbies, and Military Reference. Win Prizes in the Wild Bird Sweepstakes!

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