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AM: ad-marketing gets a plan-

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: ad-marketing gets a plan-
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Mon, 27 Oct 1997 13:23:03 -0500


A few weeks ago, we began pushing advertising/marketing information
and news items out to you. At the time, I said we'd try this for a couple
of weeks, solicit feedback and come back to you with the results of our

First, thanks much for the feedback and comments. Many of you have
posted privately to me over the past several weeks. The sometimes-
daily column has actually created the most traffic our discussion group
has had (one way traffic, that is). In terms of content, feedback was
favorable. No doubt, all of us share information overload & time

No matter how good the information or short blurb is,
sometimes we all run out of reading or scanning time. For this reason,
I have tried to offer up content that is relevant, local or different.
Interestingly, I didn't gets lots of feedback on whether you like local
or global net information.

Several of you asked for information on unknown companies and
technology vs. recognized players in this space. General consensus
was the shorter the article, the better. Folks didn't seem to mind the
frequency of information delivered. I have tried to be sensitive to
your in-box. Over the past several weeks, we have seen a couple
of interesting threads develop from stories posted.

Generated content or conversation was the most interesting part of
the experiment. I like this model- responding to relevant, timely
events and getting others to join in. A couple of participants in the
group used the pushed content for sales calls, presentations or to
make a point.

Based on your feedback, I have decided on the following plan:

Every two weeks, you will receive one column, sort of a regional
advertising /marketing "round up." I will try to pull together the best
content in our space for the two week period. I'm not sure yet what I'll
come up with in the way of news, no need to send out repackaged or
stale information here… Included will be relevant sightings, studies and
factoids. I will look for local events, meetings or happenings in the net
advertising/marketing space.

I will also spend more time reviewing the sites that you send me,
please keep sending them in. The column will have personality updates
from the local scene (this means you!). I'll try to include worthwhile links
and email addresses that make business easier.  I imagine I'll talk a lot
about trends. I will give each part of the column a "value check."

* To make the column work, I need your input. PLEASE send me
( ) comments, feedback, pointers, information
or anything else of value. I will then aggregate and incorporate into
the column. The greatest value here will be content or information
generated by those active in the community.

I can push out information all day but there is more interest and value
in what YOU think. You will lend flavor & personality to the effort.
Besides, It'll be kinda fun to see what others are up to, how we are
faring, the latest of the greatest models, etc. OK, thats my plea for
content and community.

I'm not sure yet what day the column will be pushed out but I suspect
Monday or Wednesday may work. * The rest of the week in the
discussion group will be left for open conversation. Hopefully, the column
will generate some interesting threads. Recently, several of you have
come to the group for pointers. Its been nice to see others in the group
respond with marketing assists and information.

There is much *value* here in helping each other. There have been some
interesting threads lately, using the group to ferret out opinions is great.
As we and the medium march forward, there is much we can do to help
each other and ourselves. PLEASE participate, this is your community.

The difference in our advertising/marketing community is that most
of us live in the area. We see each other at off-line netpreneur and
community events. This gives us a leg up as we build out the group and
our region.

The Washington technology space is exploding. Much of this activity and
growth will center around the marketing of digital products and services.
We sit at the center of this hurricane, there is much opportunity for
all of us here in the region. I look forward to using this discussion group
to facilitate our success.

Mitch Arnowitz      Advertising/Marketing Discussion Group
Business Development                   
PKW Netpreneur Program                         v 703.620.8971                                  f 703.620.4102

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