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AM: One to Robot?

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: One to Robot?
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Wed, 5 Nov 1997 11:11:30 -0500


Along the lines of 1:1 Marketing, the enclosed short piece (took me 5 mins.
to peruse) is a good read. Gerry McGovern, of NUA, writes a timely, relevant 
piece on email marketing and relationship building. Also, subscription info.
for Jerry's list is included at the bottom of his post-

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By Gerry McGovern   Email:   Web:
October 27th 1997   Published By: Nua Limited    Volume 2  Number 43
I don't know about you but it's really getting to annoy me when I
see a website or a mass email that says to me things like: "Hi,
Gerry, Welcome Back" or "Gerry McGovern, enjoy this email!"
This is supposed to be one-to-one marketing? This is supposed to
be relationship marketing? This is supposed to be customisation?
It stinks.
Words are a bit like flowers. If you water them and take good care
of them they bloom. If you water them too much, they die. When words
die they lose their power, their meaning. They become empty shells;
shiny on the surface, shallow underneath. At the moment, the word
'relationship' is getting lots of watering.
Much one-to-one marketing we see today is in fact one-to-many
marketing in disguise. Relationship marketing? Relationships take
time. Relationships are not easy to build. Relationships take effort
to maintain.
If you want to have relationships with your customers you have to
accept these facts. You have to measure the time spent in building
and maintaining a relationship with regard to the extra business
you can do with that customer as a result of having such a
relationship with them.
But don't fool the customer. Don't send out a robot to do a human's
job. Don't try and get too chummy with someone you don't know. Don't
start a relationship with a customer who you are not prepared to spend
time with. Because it won't work. You'll run the risk of not just
offending them, but turning them against your product.
We are in the honeymoon period for relationship/one-to-one marketing
on the Internet. The first few times I got these 'Hi, Gerry' messages,
it was interesting. I thought that it was a clever trick. But after a
while, it began to feel like a trick.
I have absolutely no doubt that relationship marketing and customisation
are extremely powerful tools on the Internet. They have major potential
and companies such as Dell are already realising that potential and new
profit opportunity.
Allowing a customer to customise their computer or car has a tremendous
logic. Using email to regularly keep in touch with a customer to make
sure that you are meeting their needs has real value.
However, there are dangers. The technology can become intoxicating. Be
wary, very wary of the gee whiz factor. Don't get carried away.
The technology can also make you lazy. For example: It can take you an
hour to get in touch with 10 people on the phone. In an hour you could
send 30 emails. In a minute, you could send a mass email to 100,000
people. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Those 30 brief
but specific emails to real people addressing real problems or
opportunities could be far more beneficial than the same bland message
to 100,000.
If you talk about relationship marketing then you should think about
relationships. Because, you can trick all of the people some of the
time, and so on.
Gerry McGovern
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