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AM: Marketing Musings

To:     "ad-market" <>
Subject:     AM: Marketing Musings
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Mon, 10 Nov 1997 09:28:46 -0500


                                               Marketing Musings
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Quote of the Week

"Greet is a technology play that's not about technology at all...
it's really about communication," said Tony Levitan, Greet Street's Co-
founder and Creator of Chaos


Adbot Announces Ad Rep Program-
Oct. 31, 1997--In addition to its auction market, Adbot has announced that it
will be directly representing certain publishers as they sell space to advertisers
Silicon Investor Tops 100 Million Page Views Per Month, Launches Aggressive
Membership Advertising Strategy-
Oct. 20, 1997--Silicon Investor Inc. has grown to become the largest discussion
community on the Web, with more than 70,000 messages posted per week and
more than 2.5 million messages posted to date.
( )
Netpreneurs & Recent Telecom Event Make the News-
Washington Post: "The Region and the Revolution."

Banner quarter for Web ad sales: IAB study finds Q2 Internet ad revenue up 66%-
Proving that the Web is winning the pocketbooks of Madison Avenue, the Internet
Advertising Bureau last week reported second-quarter Internet ad revenue of
$214.4 million, up 66% over the first quarter. That brings total Internet ad spending
for the first half of 1997 to $343.9 million, up 322% over online spending in the first
half of 1996.


Mark Walsh, of Chevy Case, and most recently AOL, is now CEO of PA based
start-up; VerticalNet ( ). VerticalNet is building B-B
communities around vertical markets. Mark is using the web to make
connections between buyers and sellers. The model here is community ->
B-B commerce (commerce related sponsorships and advertising will also
be streams). The underlying goal is to develop a relationship while
learning about the customer. Community participation is free.

VerticalNet currently has 14 vertical communities up & running. A community
example: Wireless Design Online ( ).
This community's goal: "To create and foster an atmosphere whereby buyers
of products and services in this industry can easily identify and communicate
with the advertisers of Wireless Design Online who can satisfy their needs - in
a dynamic and interactive environment."

This community is quite intuitive and complete with deep information, chat,
* a marketplace, web based forum, RFPs/RFQs, downloads, email newsletter,
buyers guide, links, ask the experts space and all kinds of relevant news.

BTW, Don Peppers 1:1 email Newsletter this week (11/6 issue) also has a nice
story on VerticalNet. Don Peppers, along with Martha Rogers, are THE 1:1
marketing gurus. Don and Martha have a site ( ) and also
publish the INSIDE1to1 email newsletter. Subscription is free, sign up by sending
an email note to
* have you seen someone in the local marketing community we should know
about? Send it in to:


Thanks to Gabe Goldberg of the Capitol PC Users Group Internet SIG
for this siting on *real* self promotion. Christopher Locke's (
web-zine ( ) currently has a self promotion article out;
"Secrets of Self Promotion." The article is currently being carried by the MS site:

The site; Entropy Gradient Reversals, All Noise, All the Time is great and the
content is relevant.
I had occasion recently to visit the Geocities homesteader site
( ), I was looking for a specific Beatles bootleg clip.
Anyway, spent some time in the advertising/marketing neighborhood; Madison
Avenue: ( ).

The community comes with much free content: 5,000 "homesteaders" or
homepages, links to ADWEEK/MEDIA WEEK/BRANDWEEK, contests,
chat, web forum (where they actually discuss this week's issue of ADWEEK)
and useful sub-topics.

Of course, now that Geocities has ListLine List Management brokering it's
450,000+ name e-mail file, I'm less apt to join & participate in the community.
Speaking of trends, several other sites have recently signed on with traditional,
off-line list brokers. More on this next week...
* do you have a site with an advertising or marketing/commerce tie-in that
we should know about? Send it in to:

Resources, Links

Raj Kherra ( ) was kind enough to write in about
the October 6 issue of Business Week ( ),
which contains a Special Report on the emerging web advertising market;
"Web Ad Starts to Click" (pg. 128). I tried a bunch of times to find this on
their site without any luck. Maybe you'll be able to drill down to it better
then I could, please send in the URL if you do...

Anyway, I finally resorted to getting the old fashioned hard copy (found
it in my doctor's office last week) & am glad I did. This makes for an
interesting read on the current state of affairs for the consumer (web)
ad market.

The most interesting points, IMHO, from the report:

* one of the first interstitial ads ATT tested on a bunch of sites ticked
people off and was quickly pulled (wish I had saved this ad to my scrap-

* Bristol-Myers, the consumer marketer, recently ran a web sampling
program. Results: 30,000 NEW names added to the database in one
month (thats 1,000/day & 3x the company's best case scenario). *Key-
acquisition at HALF the traditional marketing method cost

* marketers (specifically Intel) are beginning to spend more on web

* Yahoo says its mix of advertisers has gone from 85% tech (1995) to
80% consumer brands (today).

* marketers are beginning to use data mining and traditional list
marketing methods (eg: database overlays) to identify & engage
customers (Infoseek is using technology that takes & sorts cookie data
into categories)

BTW, Intelligent Interactions ( ), of Old Town,
has a new business-business product or technology out; DB Commerce
( ) that uses database
information to generate personalized content on the fly.

* current cost for web ads is $17/CPM (Forester Research), compared to
$5/6 CPM for TV and $35/CPM for consumer pubs.

* the largest technology based advertiser for 1997 is MS, the largest non-
technology based advertiser for 1997 is Toyota. Yahoo attracted the most
advertising dollars to its site.
The mining company's advertising guide or area-
( ) offers up a little bit of everything; links,
sites, community, email and information on Web Advertising '98. Its
worth a quick scan. Mining Company itself ( ), as their
model changes, is also worth a look. This is the Scott Kernit (of local
MCI/News Corp. x-venture fame) start-up.
Jay Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing Online ( )
site and newsletter are valuable resources for both experienced and up
and coming Guerrilla Marketers. Almost as interesting as the content here
is this company's use of Internet marketing tools.

Each week, I get a newsletter pushed out to an AOL mailbox, I have an
alias set up for newsletters (with an AOL account, you get 6 free email
addresses). The newsletter follows the C/NET model of short blurbs that
send you to the web for the "rest of the story."

The web-site does a good job of integrating commerce into content.
Short stories offer the opportunity for secure, onsite (book)
transactions. A fax/mail order form is also available. The site also
offers up a fairly complete "Guerrilla Vendor and Resource Directory"
and weekly column.

To subscribe to Jay's free weekly newsletter, send email to: and put the following in the BODY
of your message: subscribe guerrilla-weekly

Also, our ad-marketing discussion group had an interesting thread on
gorilla marketing a while back started by George Atkinson of
Tradecompass ( ). Check out the
archives at:
DM NEWS is the trade for direct marketers-
The DM NEWS's site ( ), currently has a *short*,
piece entitled "How to Make Your Web Site Truly Interactive." This is an
easy read, check it out (last article on this page):

* Also, check out the "Web Advertising '98" banner on this site. It looks
like they are using the same Java technology to capture email addresses
that Bell Atlantic used in their recent ISDN (banner) campaign. You may
recall that BA allowed potential customers to sign-up or request additional
information without ever leaving the banner! Guess I'll have to ask the
folks over at Sun Microsystems in Reston about this one...

Facts, Factoids

The following comes from Michael Tchong's ICONOCAST newsletter.
To subscribe, send a message to
with the following command in your message BODY:

subscribe iconocast

* Check this out- WDC is the #3 market, ranked by online
users! Good news for all of us... The following was pulled
from the new "Local Information On The Net" report,
produced by Bethesda based Arlen Communications.

One frequent ICONOCAST reader request is a market-by-market
analysis of Internet users. Peter Krasilovksy sent these
projections based on Scarborough's 1996 Index and Census
Bureau report:
Cyber Real  City           Population  Online Users  Percent
  1.   1.   New York       18,100,000   3,475,200     19.1
  2.   2.   Los Angeles    15,370,000   2,305,500     15.0
  3.   4.   Washington      7,100,000   1,860,200     26.2
  4.   5.   San Francisco   6,500,000   1,709,500     26.3
  5.   3.   Chicago         8,600,000   1,530,080     17.8
  6.   7.   Boston          5,770,000   1,136,690     19.7
  7.   6.   Philadelphia    6,000,000   1,026,000     17.1
  8.   8.   Detroit         5,280,000     781,440     14.8
  9.   9.   Dallas          4,500,000     769,500     17.1
10.  13.   Seattle         3,270,000     752,100     23.0

Source:  Sep. 1997 "Local Information On The Net"
         Data provided by Scarborough Research,
         Arlen Communications Inc. and Find/SVP.

While San Francisco and Seattle are known Internet meccas,
Washington, DC's performance was surprising [must be all
those Feds "pinging" Internet scam artists].

"Local Information on the Net" is a 511-page report authored
by Peter Krasilovsky and available from Find/SVP for $2,295.

Events, Meetings, Happenings

I recently attended The Eagle Club's bi-monthly networking breakfast
over at the Tyson's Ritz-Carlton. The Eagles Club is a networking group
for high-tech sales executives. The COO of Nextel spoke to the group.
As you know, Nextel is the leading wireless company. Customers
are businesses. The points I walked away with include:

- people are as important to an organization as money
- Nextel is following the trend of hiring 3rd parties to act as a partial
sales force
- management at this company always looks at the competition and
wonders: "can they do it, will they do it?"

This is a good group, the next meeting is Tuesday, January 20, 7:10-9:00
am. Cost is $25 (paid in advance) , to sign-up, call Sandy Atkins at
703.903.7400 ext. 204.
* know of a sales, advertising or marketing event coming up? Send it in to:

List News

Adam Boettiger, Editor of Exposure Internet Advertising and Marketing
News writes to tell us that the following lists are available & free to
join. If you are interested in joining any of these lists, the subscription
forms and descriptions are at: .
-The Internet Advertising Discussion List
-The NetPromotion Discussion List
-The WebDevelopment Discussion List
-The AdSpeak Discussion List

This & That

I don't know if anyone caught Bill Gurley's (of Above the Crowd
newsletter fame) recent homecoming on C/NET's
( ). Bill is an
analyst, formerly of Morgan Gruenfel and has recently joined
venture capitalist Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. He is way
insightful, check this electronic commerce article out.
With all the talk of direct marketing, targeted advertising and pending
commerce, I thought I'd share a quick anecdote with you. The other
night, Janet & I wanted to send Fran Witzel's wife, Gwen get-well
balloons (Fran is with the Netpreneur Program). It was late at night,
I said "no problem, lets hop online."

We fired up the dial up and surfed over to a well known marketers site
to order. As we've used this vendor several times before, I was sorta
hoping they knew alittle bit about me- maybe my preferences, credit
card number or even my first name (wheres Broadvision when you
need them?). No such luck. In this marketer's defense, I do get
friendly reminders pushed out to an email box announcing holiday sales.

So anyway, we make our purchase and ask for return receipt via email.
Easy enough, secure transaction, took 5 minutes, I'm feeling good & tell
Jan that maybe commerce is closer then we think. Fast forward to mid-
morning the next day & I still don't have a confirmation that the balloons
were sent. I go back to the site & send customer service an email. What
gives, I ask?? Towards the end of day 1, I get a response from the CSR.

They have no record of the order and the balloons were not shipped. I
fire off an email with the confirmation number and ask them again to ship
ASAP as I want the balloons to get to Gwen BEFORE she gets better!
Later that night Janet asks if it might have been easier to use the phone
for ordering...

The next morning, I get an email from another CSR telling me my credit
card was denied, the balloons were not shipped. I am now 36 hours into
these balloons, only hoping they haven't been blown up yet! I fire off yet
another email, tell the vendor that the credit card is valid and that I used it
the evening before, without mishap.

No matter, I phone the bank that issued the plastic. Indeed, I am told, this
bank is having problems with their new credit card processor. All customer
transactions the other night were denied. Geez, life is getting complicated.
I finally throw in the towel and pick up the phone to order up balloons for
Gwen (using another vendor and credit card). Three hours later I hear that
Gwen & kids love the balloons...

Always upbeat, I tell Janet later that evening, that this is the price we
pay for being early adapters. I also mention that we might want to confirm
future transactions with a phone call... Next week- how AOL cut off my
service, by mistake, and forgot to tell me.

Editor's Note

So here you have it, all the Washington + Internet marketing news and
technology fit to print. Do you have suggestions, criticisms, stories, news
or whatever? Great! Send 'em in to: I need your
help to make this better. Until next time, thanks for reading and participating-

Mitch Arnowitz

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Re: AM: Marketing Musings, Rose Mary A. Lawrence

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