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AM: RE: Where Should I Advertise?

To:     ad-market
Subject:     AM: RE: Where Should I Advertise?
Date:     Tue, 11 Nov 1997 12:02:19 -0500

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Subject: AM: Where Should I Advertise?

>I am a music composer in the Washington, DC area and have been expanding 
>my business to websites.  Beyond music, I now offer expertise in the nuts 
>and bolts of adding sound to web pages.  Most recently, I have learned how 
>to add streaming audio that DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PLUG-IN!  I was hoping you 
>might suggest effective ways for me to advertise my services, and perhaps 
>guide me away from expensive ads that are not likely to produce results.  Your
>suggestions are most appreciated.  

Word of mouth is the best advertising.  Also I would try cold calling
web site developers, quite easy to get a list of those.  In the era of 
keep it simple this sounds like a good place your idea is going.

For my two cents worth Business Information Network makes web sites,
specializing in the Association market.  That market could use to keep 
it simple.  If BIN can't use your services they might be able to guide 
you a little more. They are marketing web site development so seems like
a natural fit.  

The Presidents name is Joanna Pineda.  She screens her 
calls so you may have to leave a message.  *Including the fact that Larry
Brown referred you might help.

Best of Luck-
Larry Brown

Streaming video seems to be a big hit, maybe streaming audio might make
it also.  The drawback I can think of is if somebody is not able or 
willing to download, I wonder if they would have speakers.

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