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Re: AM: Where Should I Advertise?

Subject:     Re: AM: Where Should I Advertise?
From:     "Chris Bertchie" <>
Date:     Wed, 12 Nov 1997 12:13:07 +0000
Comments:     Authenticated sender is <chrisb@[]>
Organization:     Town Hall (

Bern Solnik wrote:
> I am a music composer in the Washington, DC area and have been expanding my
> business to websites.  Beyond music, I now offer expertise in the nuts and
> bolts of adding sound to web pages.  Most recently, I have learned how to add
> streaming audio that DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY PLUG-IN!  I was hoping you might
> suggest effective ways for me to advertise my services, and perhaps guide me
> away from expensive ads that are not likely to produce results.  

Technology sites that require registration and can target might be 
good buys - I'm not familiar with the tech sites, but would suggest 
opt-in email lists to developers, etc. Start with the list of opt-in
email lists at < >.

Personally, I'd start with phone calls and individually 
composed emails to the Technical Directors, Web Developers, 
PRoducers, etc. of music and music related sites, and to chat sites 
everywhere.  Sites that carry audio enhancements of their content 
(CNN, my own site, National Geographic, etc. etc.) may also be 

Advertising professionals may also be a market - talking ads that 
don't require a download?  Great!  (Of course, you may want to change 
your identity, rather than be known as the person who made talking 
ads possible...!)  The Online Advertising Discussion list (web site 
supporting list is: < >) 
accepts sponsors, and other online advertising lists and resources 
can be found at < >.  

Chris Bertchie, Advertising Director
214 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E.
Washington, DC  20002
Phone: 202-608-6019  Fax: 202-544-7330 
Online Media Kit: < http:/// >

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