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AM: PE pricing/music sites

Subject:     AM: PE pricing/music sites
From:     "Chris Bertchie" <>
Date:     Thu, 13 Nov 1997 11:17:00 +0000
Comments:     Authenticated sender is <chrisb@[]>
Organization:     Town Hall (

To the list:  If you don't know about it, you might be interested 
in subscribing the the daily HTML-format email from ClickZ, which 
features a column from an online advertising/marketing type every 
day.  < >

I thought of it, because Paul Albert and Bern Solnik (both posted 
this week) might be interested in today's ClickZ home page column, 
which deals with site asset management.  It cites SonicNet, a major 
music site, as an example of distributing branded content:

"For example, SonicNet, the operator of one of the Internet's most
popular music content sites, distributed its web assets --in the form
of the Addicted to Noise (< >) daily music news 
service --to a variety of additional syndication channels. SonicNet's 
outbound publishing channels on Yahoo!, PointCast, AOL, Netscape, 
Microsoft Active Channels, and other outside Web licensors provided 
opportunities for substantial new monthly syndication revenues, as 
well as generating additional advertising revenues.."

 - sounds like someone you should talk to, Bern!

Chris Bertchie, Advertising Director
214 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E.
Washington, DC  20002
Phone: 202-608-6019  Fax: 202-544-7330 
Online Media Kit: < http:/// >

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