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AM: Looking for B-to-B commission based advertising programs

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: Looking for B-to-B commission based advertising programs
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Fri, 14 Nov 1997 06:41:52 -0500

Paul writes:

>Is anyone aware of other commission programs or listings of such
>programs? I am developing a B-to-B site and would be interested
>in receiving commissions for selling electricity, long distance
>phone service, pre-paid calling cards, computer equipment,
>Internet connectivity, magazine subscriptions, books, office
>supplies, etc.


The plan to establish back-end or revenue share deals makes sense. 
Given the subscription model, it might also make sense to look at an
affinity program here (acquisition, retention, etc.). 

A couple of ideas: 

* telecom/phone- Deb Nyberg's Field of Dreams site 
( ) 
has a phone program through American Telecom Network (ATN), a 
subsidiary of Worldcom. You might want to shoot Deb a note, asking 
her how the program is going, if shes made any money. Deb's email:, mention my name & the netpreneur program. 

I don't know how much traffic her site gets.. She has a newsletter, 
does she also promote program here? Also, I recall seeing a few 
non-profit phone card affinity programs advertised on the web, with 
money going to the cause. I can't recall where I saw this last
but maybe  ?? Perhaps someone else in 
the group knows.

* magazine subscriptions- I'd say talk to NewSub Services, Inc. here. 
They are a successful, off-line direct marketer (oil, gas credit card files- 
currently on AMEX consumer statement bangtails) of magazines. They 
are also the back-end to AOL mag. subscription program/offer (located
in both consumer & business areas).

Given AOL's model (although its changed lately &  they are charging 
rent), & knowing how NSS operates, I would think a back-end deal here 
is doable. Bug me on this, I can dig up president's name, the company 
is based in CT.

* connectivity- I know that another member of the group, David C. Frankil,
from V.COM, LLC was looking at this. I think David spoke to Mindspring
out of Atlanta and a couple others? You might drop David a note and 
mention our marketing group. David's email: 

Also, I ran into regional Mindspring rep the other night at a meeting, let 
me know if you want to talk to him- I'll track down his number.
I believe one of David's issues was finding ISP with a national presence,
POP capability that would take him on.

books- the obvious one here is the Associates Program:

This is a consumer program but the model is still worth looking at. I know
Barnes & Noble has a similar program. CKS Partners used to handle the 
Amazon account. Patrick Fitzgerald, of CKS, is a member of the group 
& local. Patrick may be able to give you some insights here. Patrick's 

hardware- I would check out one of the auction houses (Online, Onsale, 
etc). A commisionable relationship may be doable. * Has anyone else 
in the group established a relationship with an auction house?

office supplies/products- I know that Penny Wise Products (4350 
Kenilworth Avenue, Edmonston, MD 20781 301 699-1000) put together 
an affinity program for the association market a few years back. They 
paid trade assns. on business delivered. Online, Penny Wise is part of a 
larger site:  .

I used to work with the person that put together this program. If you're
interested, I can try & dig up her name. Also, Penny Wise participates
in the NASE assn. (business) benefits program. These relationships
are commission driven. Check out this assns. list of business benefits 

financial services- I ran into a fellow that is marketing financial services 
through associations. Again, assn. gets a piece. This new company
has branded, national financial services but you're 2x removed here, 
will probably make less money. If financial services make sense in b-b 
environment, let me know- his site would be interesting to check out just
for the model.

hope this helps-


Mitch Arnowitz
Business Development
Netpreneur Program 

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