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AM: Re: Looking for B-to-B commission based advertising programs

Subject:     AM: Re: Looking for B-to-B commission based advertising programs
From:     Gary LaFever <>
Date:     Fri, 21 Nov 1997 07:09:07 -0800
Organization:     Women's Connection Online
References:     <01bcf10e$f9aafca0$>

Paul, you might want to consider a slightly different approach to
accompish your objective.  To the extent our situations are analogous, I
wanted to offer as an alternative the approach we took at Women's
Connection Online.  Other than our arrangement with Barnes & Noble
(which is a "cookie cutter" affiliate relationship)), each of our
business partner referral programs was independentlt negotiated.  Our
team first determined what type of products/services would be useful to
our audience and only then started to assess different vendors who could
fill that need.  Once a vendor was identified, we called their corporate
headquarters and asked for their VP of Business Development.  Usually,
we either got through to him/her, got voicemail or an email address to
contact.  In each instance, the "pitch" was that we would like to referr
customers to them and only get paid upon actual purchase.  Of course you
still have to negotiate the commission (our range from 3% to 25%) and a
tracking mechanism (ours range from mirror sites with dedicated 800
numbers established by the vendor partners to a comment box on the order
form in which our referral customers insert "WCO" in order to get a
small discount).  This appraoch is more time consuming then looking for
established programs but you end up with an offering that reflects your
market's requirements vs. whatever programs happen to have been
established by whatever vendors.  Just some thoughts! Best of Luck! 
Gary LaFever, Sr. VP
Women's Connection Online, Inc.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Paul Albert <>
> To: <>
> Date: Thursday, November 13, 1997 10:32 AM
> Subject: AM: Looking for B-to-B commission based advertising programs
> >The site that I will be taking to market, RouteLink, plans to
> >initially offer banners promoting goods that direct commissions
> >can be earned on.  I will not be big enough  that it makes sense
> >to try to sell general banner ads and, even if I were, I think I
> >could earn more from directly offering specific goods to my
> >users.
> >
> >The only source of information about programs like this that I
> >know of is at
> >   Is
> >anyone aware of  other commission programs or listings of such
> >programs?  I am developing a B-to-B site and would be interested
> >in receiving commissions for selling electricity, long distance
> >phone service, pre-paid calling cards, computer equipment,
> >Internet connectivity, magazine subscriptions, books, office
> >supplies, etc.  I am going to stay away from any MLM type of
> >schemes and deal with recognized and respected brand names in
> >whatever I offer.
> >
> >I contend that these types of programs are the future of
> >Web-based advertising and at least 50% of Internet advertising
> >revenue four years from now will come from sell-through
> >commissions.
> >
> >Regards,
> >
> > -- Paul Albert,
> >    President, RouteLink, Inc.
> >    Internet-Based Freight Matching - "We Help America Run"
> >    (v)703-242-4444 (f)703-242-3998,
> >
> >

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