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AM: I need help

Subject:     AM: I need help
From:     "Cheryline Lawson" <>
Date:     Fri, 21 Nov 1997 11:46:48 PST

Hello out there,

I am also a member of Netpreneur and my name is Cheryline Lawson, of 
Maryland and I am an Internet Consultant for the National Direct 
Internet Yellow Pages. They name of my company is Marketing Miracles and 
I do have something that might interest you or that you might wish to 
offer some help with.
I think this venture is a revolutionary breakthrough but I cannot do 
this all by myself. 

The National Direct Internet Yellow Pages offers every business owner a 
free basic listing at (you can check this out). 
However, I am the contact to get that free listing. We also have 
additional advertising rates which are very competitive prices. 
When a customer purchases an ad, they can change their ads at any time, 
unlike the local yellow pages. There is also a unique system called the 
EZTRAX system.
EZTRAX is an ad tracking system that will provide the customer with huge 
advantage over any other form of advertising. It was designed and 
operates to allow the business owner to be able to accurately track and 
test what part of their offers, headlines, price points, products, 
guarantees, etc. works best. It will allow you to see the results in a 
matter of days, not weeks or months as it currently takes with 
traditionally media. 

EZTRAX allows customers to test up to 10 headlines for the same product 
or service, in 50 searchable databases and search engines, over a 90 day 
period!! Let me say that one more time.. one product (usually with a 
full page display ad) ----- 10 different headlines for this product or 
service in the same 50 searchable databases and search engines for a 
total of 500 separate internet ads. The truly remarkable part however, 
is the fact that EZTRAX will provide easy to read reports specifying how 
many hits or inquiries each individual headline generated. This is a 
very accurate test because it only changes one variable, the headline.
Everything else is the same. This test would cost you literally 
thousands of dollars to do in newspapers and hundreds of thousands of 
dollars to do in magazines, plus it would take months to evaluate. Until 
now, tests like this were impossible for a small to medium size company 
to do. Now, thanks to EZTRAX , individuals can afford to run these 
comprehensive tests. After 90 days 
the customer will know (not guess) which headline(s) you should continue 
to promote and which ones are a waste of their hard earned money. The 
customer can carry over the results of these inexpensive tests to more 
expensive forms of advertising such as magazines or post card mailings 
and save thousands of dollars by promoting the tested and proven 
headlines instead of wasting your money guessing what will happen. If 
they have a computer, they can check the progress of theirr ad online 
but if they don't, then they will get weekly reports on the progress of 
theirr ad.
This is a unique, proven technique. We guarantee that everyone will find 
results with us, if not, we will run theirr ad again for 90 days at no 
cost to them. Pause for a second and think about what you just heard, 
Yes, for an additional 90 days we will run their ad for FREE if they are 
not satisfied with our service. THAT IS OUR GUARANTEE TO everyone!!! 
EZTRAX is a safe way to test your market and every business owner must 
use this tool in order to be successful. They will know in advance and 
then can prepare for the results. 
Our motto is: "Find a market for your Product, Not a Product for the 

I am especially interested in telling everyone about this service but I 
find that I cannot do it by myself because I am not reaching enough 
people. I have tried to market this locally but businesses are not ready 
to try new things especially on the Internet. So I think I need some 
sales people to help me to market this program and I am willing to pay 
up to 30% commission on each sale. Does anyone have any means of helping 
with this? Please let me know. Thank You for your time.

Get Your Private, Free Email at

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