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AM: Marketing Musings

To:     "ad-market" <>
Subject:     AM: Marketing Musings
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Mon, 24 Nov 1997 11:16:44 -0500


                                                   Marketing Musings
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In this Issue

- Quote of the Week
- News
- Resources, Links
- Sitings
- Technology
- This & That
- Subscription Info.

Quote of the Week

"Technology has not only evened out the playing field, it has also
removed the dome from the top and opened the entire world to
the entrepreneur." Guerrilla Marketing With Technology-
Jay Conrad Levinson


Firefly and Virtual Emporium Offer Mir Cosmonauts an
Out-Of-This-World Shopping Experience-

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 6, 1997--
Firefly Network Inc. today announced that the community
of over 3 million Firefly Passport holders is now truly
universal with the addition of two new members -- Russian
cosmonauts on the MIR space station. Flight commander
Anatoly Solovyev and flight engineer Pavel Vinogradov
became Firefly Passport holders by joining Virtual Emporium, an online shopping community
that is deploying Firefly Passport Office(TM) in order to
build relationships with customers throughout the world
and beyond.
Internet directory Yahoo! [NASDAQ:YHOO] claims it is now
seen by 25.4 million US Internet users every month-

That number would make the service bigger than online giants
Netscape Communications and America Online and a rival to
such other media as national magazines and cable television
channels. Yahoo! took its figures from a study done by
established market research firm Mediamark  Research Inc.
(MRI). Asked who paid for the survey, Yahoo! Director of
Brand Management Karen Edwards said the survey has been
done as a "rolling study" for years and is based on more than
20,000 respondents. MRI is used by many advertising
directors as a primary source of information on audience
demographics and preferences. Both advertisers and marketers
pay MRI by subscribing to the results, she said,
acknowledging that Yahoo! is one such subscriber.
from Newsbytes
It's Consolidation Season in the Ad Business-

Moving to position themselves as a bigger fish in a growing pond,
Web advertising software vendors ClickOver and Focalink today
announced plans to merge their businesses into more of a full-
service model to serve both buyers and sellers of Web advertising.
Coming on the heels of a similar announcement by Web
measurement and analysis toolmakers Internet Profiles Corporation
and Netcount, the ClickOver-Focalink merger is the latest example
of a trend toward consolidation and shake-out in the fast-growing
Web advertising market.
from WiredNews Business News
MatchLogic, Inc. and ABC Interactive to Offer Complete
Measurement and Reporting Package for Online Activity-

Combined Services to Encompass Counting and Auditing of
Cached Impressions MatchLogic, Inc., the leading online advertising
management services firm, and ABC Interactive, the fastest growing
Web auditor, today announced an agreement to develop a business
relationship aimed at providing Web sites and online advertising
networks with a seamless package coupling MatchLogic's recently
unveiled "TrueCount Digital Measurement System" with ABC
Interactive's auditing services.
MapQuest Rolls Out Three New Ad Models-

[November 5] GeoSystems' MapQuest Publishing Group unveiled
three new advertising products designed to help companies brand,
drive traffic and generate sales. All three models are closely
integrated with MapQuest content to enable advertisers to provide their
target audiences with useful information.
from NewsBytes  http//
I/Pro, Nielsen Develop New Web Measurement Technology-

NOV 18 (NB) -- A controversy related to World Wide Web advertising
measurement concerns the source of an ad - if it came from the
Web site itself or from the cache of the browser on the user's
computer. If it came from the latter, certain Web measurement
systems cannot measure the ad. Now Internet Profiles Corp. (I/Pro)
and Nielsen Media Research said they've developed a new ad
measurement technology that tracks content each time it is exposed
on a user's monitor or screen.
Latest IntelliQuest Survey Reports 56 Million American Adults Access
The Internet/Online Services; But 10 Million Have 'Dropped Out'-

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 19, 1997--IntelliQuest
Information Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:IQST), a leader in providing information
-based marketing services to the technology industry, today announced
the results of its latest survey of the United States population's use of the
Internet and online services, showing 56 million adults, or 27% of the U.S.
population age 16 and older are online as of the third quarter of 1997.
Digital Ink Campaign Lands Leads for Post Yellow Pages-

Nov. 24- Targeting every local business in the Washington, D.C., area
for its upcoming online Yellow Pages, The Washington Post's [WPO]
online publishing division is in the middle of a successful ad campaign
running exclusively in its print edition. About 30% of the more than
500 listings sold are the result of leads from the ad campaign, says
Erin O'Shea, communications director for Digital Ink Co., the Post's
digital publishing arm.

The advertisements debuted Sept. 5, and in just more than a week,
144 listings were sold. As of last week, the company sold 586 listings
in the Yellow Pages that will become part of the
site in the next few weeks. Digital Ink is offering one-year deals in
which a four-page site costs $79/month, plus a $99 set-up fee.
Additional pages run $10 each.

from the Web site  .To subscribe
go to the website & click on the "Free e-Letter" button.

BTW, iJumpstart is a business site from Phillips Business
Information, Inc. of Potomac. Phillips publishes
interactive/multimedia and Internet business publications.

Resources, Links

Chris Bertchie, of  , was good enough to
write in & point us to the  site. In addition
to the daily column, check out the rest of the clickz web page. The
site has a great roll-up of current ad networks, interactive agencies,
rep firms, site promoters & ad management software vendors. Daily
columns cover relevant, current topics.

Also, take a look at past columns in the archives here. This reads
like a whos-who of the Internet advertising & marketing community.
Just one example of information found in the archives is an article/
column written by Kim Bayne; ("The Internet Marketing Plan", B-B
Marcom expert) "The Power of Internet Publicity: Reaching your
Target Successfully While Avoiding Backlash" .
________________________________________________________  bills itself as
the Internet Marketing, Commerce and Development Network but is
actually alot more. is a super aggregator of
Internet technology being used in advertising. This is quite a resource,
the site's presentation has a technology focus.

As of this writing, I am still drilling through information here but am
impressed. I'm not sure who does the picking and choosing of
category leaders off the homepage panel but players seem to be
Internet leaders.

The site includes an audience building toolkit, news, industry roll-up
and several industry award rankings (among them
Mecklermedia's Net Tech Awards and @d:tech's Industry Innovator).
The Netpreneur Program's site  has a new
feature in the Advisors section of the Netpreneur
Exchange. From the Advisors page
Netpreneurs can search the KnowledgeWay's Roadmap of
Resources for various types of advisors ( accountants, lawyers
Marcom firms, PR agencies, etc.).

There is a good, entry level Internet marketing primer in the Marcom
area of this roadmap  .
Lots of links & listings here. *Remember, you must first join the
Netpreneur Exchange (free & easy)  to take
advantage of these resources.
__________________________________________________________ Net Channels has a fairly complete marketing area-  . This "channel"
(is there anyone left whos *not* going to channel format?) offers up
a long list of resources, including agencies, research cos. and
marketing cos. There are also sub-topics here, including sales, PR
and advertising.


Mainspring  calls itself "an online
knowledge network exploring today's Internet initiatives at Global 2000
companies worldwide, benefiting business and IT executives striving to
gain competitive business advantage through the deployment of Internet

Mainspring is really a community for IT & business professionals.
Hey, this place really *feels* like a community. I mean, I know why
I'm here and this is targeted IT information. Finally... someone that
doesn't try to be a catch-all and loose me in the process. Scrolling
homepage content, I immediately look to supporting partnerships
or alliances. Mainspring's partners read like a whos who of Internet
business information and service providers.

Information presented (& this is a nice presentation although the
frames got a bit bothersome when trying to pull down business
information) is interactive and pulls me in. Headers include strategies,
tools, technology and implementations. The site's content breaks out
into the following areas: commerce, marketing, customer service,
communication, productivity and managing suppliers/distributors.

Users can find expert advice, discussion groups, interviews, surveys
and case studies. Currently, Stumpworld Systems, Inc. President Scott
Matalon is interviewed on Designing a Marketing Strategy. Stumpworld
Systems, Inc. is a full-service media and commerce technology company,
customers include Phish and the Stones. A current marketing case
study on Reebok International offers an overview, the case, technology
platform and expert commentary.

Having said all these great things, heres the catch- * this is a subscription
service. Corporate memberships are offered. This is an ESPN type model-
you can come in the front door and take a look around but will have to pay
for more. Indeed, most of the information referenced above will cost you.

They do offer a no obligation 30 day trial. The trail appears to be a no
strings attached offer & isn't a negative option sell, meaning they don't ask
for your credit card number and begin charging you on the 31st day.
Let the Ad Wars Begin!- The Microsoft consumer guide; Washington
went live this past week. Notable is that the MS crew beat the competition
to market (if only by a few weeks, but remember- perception is everything).
Following the format of other Sidewalk city guides, Sidewalk Washington
offers listings for movies, restaurants, events, arts & music, places to go and
sports. Sidewalk reviews events, lets you customize the guide and will even
send you personalized event email.

I haven't spent much time here, but... the ads have a way to go. Advertising
is important here and (at least initially) will support the model. I am sure CUC
(the partner contracted to sell advertising space here) will improve as they
move along. With Anne Karalekas leading the effort and Adrienne Cox (of
Community Networks, Inc.) involved, the competition had better watch

Great news and most important here is that MS is helping to grow the local
advertising pie or opportunity for everyone. SW offers and creates a home to
local consumer marketers hungry to test the web waters. Lets hope good
companies continue to see Washington as the land of opportunity for
consumer and business marketers.

On another note, I wonder what city guide & yellow page provider Zip2  will do with its $25 million in newly raised capital...
* do you have a site with an advertising or marketing/commerce tie-in
that we should know about? Send it in to


JAVA- Java has revolutionized the still very young Internet advertising
industry. As mentioned in the last newsletter, Bell-Atlantic's recent use
of Java allowed the company to direct market to customers (collect
leads) in the actual banner. Other early adopters of Java in ad
banners include BellSouth and the music site N2K.

Java has a good shot at surpassing the popularity of the animated
GIF in the ad banner space. There are many marketing reasons for this
shift to Java. Many (major) sites are able to run Java banner ads now,
many more will be Java-enabled within the next few months. Ad networks
are beginning to accept Java applets and banners.

Technologically speaking, there are pluses to using Java. Java is
cross platform, meaning it operates with many operating systems-
UNIX, Windows, etc. Java offers far more functionality for marketers
(see comments on VTAGs below).

Several companies currently offer up Java technology for the
advertising community. One of these companies is start-up Adletts
International, LLC  . Adletts serves up Java
interstitials. These Java based ads and messages appear on the user's
screen while a page or requested URL is downloading. The messages
display for a pre-timed period and then disappear while the requested
page continues to download.

Check out local netpreneur  's Adlett sample at:  .

WebTV Networks Inc. got into hot water this past week for selling
interstitials that appear between--and on top of--Web pages owned
by other companies. For the rest of this story:

Another company offering Java technology to the advertising community
is First Virtual Holdings, Inc.  . First Virtual Holdings,
Inc. bills itself as a "fully interactive marketing, advertising and research
tool" and has developed a payment system for commercial transactions
over the Internet.

This system; VirtualTAG SM (VTAG SM ) utilizes Java to create online
kiosks where users can browse, play a game, enter a contest,
investigate a product, and *buy* something all from inside the banner! In
other words, the company is using Java as a direct marketing tool
(vs. advertising/branding).

VTAGs are also cross-platform (are you beginning to see whats at
stake here ??) and can be viewed on a "Java enabled" browser.
VTAGs were used in the Bell Atlantic ISDN campaign
mentioned above (alright, I promise- this is almost the last time I'll
mention BA banners). and can be viewed at:  .
Click on the 2nd BA demo here.

Also check out some of the other banner demos for this company's
technology at:  . Be forewarned folks, your
browser must support Java to look at this stuff. MS & NS 4.0 browsers
should support these demos.

You really can't have an advertising conversation about Java
technology without taking a peek at the bigger picture. SUN, the
creator of the Java language, offers its version of Java; JavaSoft.
Netscape's latest browser (v. 4.0) , offers a client-server version
(JavaScript) and also supports JavaSoft. Microsoft's latest browser
(v. 4.0) offers its owns brand of Java; ActiveX.

Java's implications reach far beyond the advertising sector.
Undoubtedly, you are familiar with the current lawsuit filed by SUN
against Microsoft. In the suit, SUN is charging that the Java technology
has been improperly modified by Microsoft and fails to pass Sun's
compatibility tests.

Alot of this posturing has to do with *open standards*. Open
standards is not really a marketing issue but does define
differences between MS and SUN, NS, etc. For more information
on Java technology, not necessarily advertising related:
* what technology would you like covered here? Send in ideas to

This & That

Nancy L. Swanson; Marketing Director- Thompson Publishing Group
was kind enough to send in the URL for the 10/6 BW article mentioned
in the last newsletter, "Web Ad Starts to Click":
the following comes from the ICONOCAST Internet
newsletter and was submitted by Netpreneur Program
advisor Esther Smith:

Washington Business Journal founder Esther Smith warns
ICONOCAST that the idea that Washington is "only a
government town" should be put to rest, for good.
"The Internet was invented here and so was its first
broad exploitation via MCI and the NSFNet. The success
of locally headquartered AOL can be traced to The Source,
the first consumer online service, later part of
CompuServe." In addition to MCI and AOL, Washington is
home for satellite systems Orion, OrbCOMM, Nextel and
Iridium; Concert, the MCI/BT joint venture; Newbridge
Networks; Teligent; LCI; UUnet; and Ciena and Yurie
Systems, two biggest IPOs in terms of market cap.

To subscribe to ICONOCAST, send a message to
with the following command in your message body:
subscribe iconocast
Has anyone noticed lately that the term "email" crops up
more often these days in everyday conversation? Maybe its
the business we're in but I doubt it. Everywhere I go people
seem to be talkin' email. Gone are the days when we wondered
if email was to become the true "killer app." Email has become
a powerful marketing and communications tool, make no mistake
about it.

The Netpreneur Program has had much success with email
marketing. From a business-consumer perspective,
encrypted email & other security features offer a world of
opportunity for pending commerce. We also know that
"everyone" has email vs. web access.

Lately, a status symbol seems to be how many email
messages one gets in a business day. 100 messages a day
has people bragging, I have heard as much as 180! WoW, I
am impressed- I wish I knew 100 people a *week* that took time
to bang out a note to me. Don't get me wrong, I get my fair
share of email, its just that alot of it is newsletters, lists, C/NET
stuff or someone looking for somebody else.

Now that we have "pushed" to get email, we have to find a
home for all of these messages. My stress level went down
when I activated filtering. I was feeling technologically
advanced until I realized that I couldn't find half of my

Probably my best email came a couple of years back
through AOL. A fellow from California with my last name was
wondering if we were related. I did a quick search, it turned out
he was a famous Internet multi-media producer. I quick grabbed
the white-out & headed for the family tree (I still don't know if
we're related but swear we are).

I try to keep up with the constant flow of messages. Often,
I'll try to catch-up on email over the weekend, only to find all
the messages waiting for me at work (I save a copy to the
mail server at the office).

10 red flags to be aware of or... I know email is getting out
of hand when:

1. I find myself making cocktail chatter about email clients

2. you get to excited when you learn how to export messages
from Internet Mail to Outlook Express

3. you can actually find email program downloads on the MS

4. you get the same joke 3 times-- in the same day!

5. you spend way to much time trying to find your email file
and create a shortcut to the desktop or start menu

6. you insist on only making new friends that have an email

7. you're able to describe to someone what a quoted printable
character is, and they listen

8. you spend to long wondering which music scheme to use for
incoming messages, and then actually get upset when it
doesn't work

9. you actually care how long it takes to get an email message
from the Internet to AOL

10. you call your folks, leave them a voice mail & tell them to
check their email

Funny, I seem to remember hearing how email was going to
make our lives more productive. Is it working yet? You be the

Subscription Info.

To join the Netpreneur Program:

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