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RE: AM: Web based marketing ideas

To:     "" <>
Subject:     RE: AM: Web based marketing ideas
From:     Penny Lewandowski <>
Date:     Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:45:13 -0500

I would echo Shawn's comments.  Also, if the university is doing 
anything with local businesses -- case studies, mentor programs,
guest lecturers in the classroom, etc., put it on the Web site in
full view.  This type of networking makes a big difference.  I know
students who were torn between deciding on two or more schools
and chose the one that had the most and strongest business
connections.  It makes a difference when it comes to getting relevant
experience and starting the job search. 

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From: 	Shawn Spengler[]
Sent: 	Monday, November 24, 1997 11:52 AM
To: 	JMick;
Subject: 	Re: AM: Web based marketing ideas

>Does anyone out there have any ideas about the certain types of Web
>content that a prospective graduate student (MBA specifically) would
>probably be interested in, or any ways that could be implemented to
>increase the pool of applicants drawn to this medium.  

I am a recent graduate from George Mason's MBA program and participated in
the development of their first Web site.  Now, several 'generations' later,
it can be viewed at:

You may want to contact someone at GMU and get their insights as to its
effectiveness.  If you are a student, put yourself back in the role of
looking for an MBA program to attend.

The company I work for usually puts together Cross-Functional workgroups at
this stage of a project - assessing the audience/needs of a site.  People to
consider for such a workgroup would be:

1.  Your MBA admissions staff
2.  The Dean (if possible)
3.  Current MBA students
4.  Prospective students (if possible - offer them something for their time)

Put these folks together and you will find your answers.

Good luck!

Shawn Spengler, Business Development Manager
Voice:	703.385.7182				Clara Vista Corporation
Fax:	703.385.7183				11150 Main St, Suite 505
Email:		Fairfax, VA  22030
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