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AM: 12/97 I-World

To:     "" <>
Subject:     AM: 12/97 I-World
From:     Paul Albert <>
Date:     Sun, 14 Dec 1997 14:14:30 -0500
Organization:     RouteLink

Mitch Arnowitz wrote:

> Take a look at this short piece on Wednesday's Internet World
> on spamming.  ** Was anyone else in the group at Internet
World?* *  We'd
love to hear your
> observations. Did the show really have less value this year,
as the
> trades reported?

I was at the Sanford Wallace session and found it very
invigorating.  As easy as it is to see Sanford as a force
causing great wrong to the Internet and its future, the
fact is that if Sanford didn't exist, the Internet would create
him.  It  is just so inexpensive to spam and the companiess
that decide to do it  have no brand to protect and can only
gain (it is bottom feeders serving bottom feeders).

I found the most recent I-World a bit less subtantively
than past.  The industry has just grown so big, it is hard to
meaningfully comprehend all that is going on.  The
booths keep getting slicker and  the come-ons less informative.
Lots of
marketing types are being put in charge of things they don't
so they just go for the easy hit.

The product that I felt exemplified the potential of the
Internet the most
was Alexa ( which serves as a real time
sensitive Zagats Guide to Internet sites that synthesizes your
and everyone
else's experience to suggest related sites you might
be interested in.    It was also fun speaking with Brewster
Kahle, founder
of Alexa, who also founded Thinking Machines and WAIS Inc.
BTW, Brewster went out and archived 640,000 sites on
the Internet and has a database 8 terabytes large.

I also managed to speak with Kim Polese of Marimba at this
I-World and
thanked her for naming "Java" "Java."  Contrary to what Ross
reported, there were at least 8 coffee/esspresso stands out on
the exhibit hall
with free coffee.

I have not missed a spring or winter I-World show for the past
three years
and do not plan on missing one in the years to come.  The
industry changes
too fast.  If you want to know what is going on in broad sense,
you need
to go to I-World.

 -- Paul Albert,
    President, RouteLink, Inc.
    Internet-Based Freight Matching - "We Help America Run"
    (v)703-242-4444 (f)703-242-3998,

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