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AM: Re: RE: Establishing Strategic Partnerships

To:     "Fran Witzel" <>, "'Mark Milligan'" <>, <>, "ad-market" <>, <>
Subject:     AM: Re: RE: Establishing Strategic Partnerships
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Mon, 15 Dec 1997 15:00:03 -0500


To add to Fran's comments below, I will briefly address your second question
on marketing/sales contacts at enterprise application software vendors.
As Fran says, most of these organizations have strategic partner programs-
a good place to start. 

In terms of regional contacts, I have copied our marketing discussion group on 
your post. There is a good chance that someone in the group has approached 
PeopleSoft, SAP, etc. & might be able to offer up contacts or insights.

Additionally, I have copied Alex Sharpe, of Answer Think Consulting. Alex has
done an excellent job of building & leveraging relationships with his company's
strategic partners. While Alex may not have specific contacts here, his insights
and advice would be an assist.

Lastly, as a resource, the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) website
has a general roll-up of regional business development & marketing contacts:

This information, while perhaps not completely relevant to this search, might 
come in handy in the future. A word of caution as contacts listed are at a fairly
high level. The list does give phone number and email addresses for many of the 

Good luck, let us know how you do!


Mitch Arnowitz      
Business Development
Morino Institute   
PKW Netpreneur Program                    

Fran responded:

>Many of the big players have web sites that provide information about the 
>qualifications for and the process to become a strategic partner.  You may want 
>to invest some time, if you haven't already,  checking out each of the vendor's 
>web sites that you target as a partner.  For example, PeopleSoft has a Software 
>Alliance, a Service Alliance and a PeopleSoft Select Middle Market Service 
>Alliance established as official partnering programs.  They also have a 
>Contracting Services Provider Program; however, according to their web site, 
>applications for the Contracting Services Provider program are not being 
>accepted until after February 1, 1998.   For PeopleSoft, check out the 
>following link to learn more about and to apply to be a Global Alliance 
>Mitch Arnowitz and I are working to map out the strategic partnership contacts 
>at major players that are likely to be of interest to netpreneurs.  Since we 
>have yet to contact the vendors you have mentioned, we do not yet have any 
>specific contacts to share with you; however, we would appreciate feedback on 
>this topic from our netpreneur community and anything that you learn from your 
>efforts in this area.
>Fran Witzel
>Morino Institute
>Netpreneur Program Investment Services

>On Monday, December 15, 1997 12:30 PM, Mark Milligan 
>[] wrote:

>> My company, The Common, Inc., is an Internet Content Provider (ICP), targeted
>> at the enterprise application software community including the vendors,
>> integrators and customers.
>> I am looking for advice on the best methods of developing strategic
>> partnerships with enterprise application software vendors, e.g., PeopleSoft,
>> SAP, etc.  A second question is if anyone knows of contacts within the sales
>> and marketing business units of these companies and if in fact these would be
>> the right people to contact about establishing these relationships?
>> The Common is looking for brand recognition of these vendors and integrators
>> to bring visitors to our advertising-based web site.
>> Any ideas or case studies of how these kind of relationships are begun, and
>> things to watch out for when entering into these agreements?  I am sure I
>> have only hit the tip of the iceberg on this topic.
>> Thanks,
>> Mark Milligan
>> The Common, Inc.

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