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Re: AM: Email Marketing

To:     Antony Calvo <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Email Marketing
From:     Raj Khera <>
Date:     Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:25:38 -0500 (EST)
cc:     ad-market <>
Reply-To:     Raj Khera <>

> I am trying to find out two things on email marketing.
> First, does anyone know of companies that will send out emails to a list.

We do that but only send email to people who have specifically requested
to be on a list. Our two primary lists are very targeted and we've had
several people approach us for renting the lists but have a very strict
policy of not renting or selling any of our lists. The information we
email is a newsletter, one for small businesses, the other for government

> Second, what are the groups thoughts on sending out emails announcing products
> and services.

While I personally can't stand spam (I actually have a client who likes
spam because he can see what other people are doing), I'm all for sending
email to those who request to be on specific lists. The email should, of
course, be relevant to the theme of the list (sending cooking tips to a
high-tech discussion list wouldn't be a good idea). 

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