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Re: AM: Adding Basic Commerce Feature to a Web Site

To:     Jon Knisley <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Adding Basic Commerce Feature to a Web Site
From:     Alex Sharpe <>
Date:     Tue, 16 Dec 1997 07:50:54 -0500
Organization:     AnswerThink Consulting Group Inc
References:     <>

It is actually fairly actually have several options depending on
cost.  The front end is the easy part.  Tying it into the backend system can be
a challenge.

Call Carol Molesky at Netscape (301-571-3990) she can direct you to a local
partner who can both provide the product and deploy the solution.  Use my name.


Jon Knisley wrote:

> Sounds like everybody at Internet World was talking about e-commerce.....
> Does anyone have any suggestions for helping a small, non-profit set-up a
> simple, secure system to accept credit card donations?
> Our company has set-up big sites that offer catalog shopping with real-time
> authorization. But what about someone who just wants a single secure page
> that offers the ability to make a donation. They can handle the processing
> by hand.
> Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks.
> Jon Knisley
> Avant Digital Marketing
> 703-532-3221

"Only invent what people will buy."  Thomas Edison
AnswerThink Consulting Group

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