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AM: Re: Search Engine Success

To:     "Pam Fisher" <>, <>
Subject:     AM: Re: Search Engine Success
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Tue, 16 Dec 1997 15:22:09 -0500


With Chris's permission, I am passing along a recent 
post to Penny's Netpreneur Talk the Talk discussion 
group. Hope this gives you additional insight, perhaps 
others in the group have experience here?


 Pam writes:

>Does anyone know any tricks to ensure your web site is on the first page
>of the results of a search.  Other than Meta tags??? 

M. Christopher Davies wrote:

But I believe the question is, when you use those submission services, do
they really know what it takes to get your site to the top?  I've looked
at a few of the submission services and each one basically submits your
URL with a few keywords to the search engines.

Site Promotion is quite a bit more than that.  Getting your site to be
listed at or near the top of the major search engines requires changes to
your HTML code including the META TAGS, Title, Hostname, Relevent text
within the page and proper design of the site to ensure that the
web-spider can traverse through the site.  (FrontPage allegedly has
problems allowing the web-spiders to traverse through the site) 

Submission Engines cannot do the HTML work or thought behind the proper
design of the page to ensure that your site is listed in the top of the
listing when the desired keywords are entered.  If someone could consult
on how to do that properly, I'd be interested in listening (and paying)

Even some of the web promotion software doesn't really do anything more
than submit your site to hundreds of search engines, 90% of which don't
get enough traffic to warrant submissions.  If someone could come out with
the definitive way to ensure that a page would come up with the proper
keywords, near the top of the list on the major search engines with enough
forethought into making sure its listed at the top of multiple search
engines (multiple entry pages?) I think the promotion of web sites would
be much more worthwhile.

I maintain one site that accumulated 20000 hits per month without any
promotion, however, with the use of submission programs and manual
submission to quite a few of the top search engines, some of my pages make
#3 and #4 positions, but the main page fails to show up above position 30
or 40.  I get more hits when my site is listed in magazines and trade
publications than I get off the search engines.

Just my .02

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