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AM: Marketing Musings

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: Marketing Musings
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Mon, 22 Dec 1997 08:47:32 -0500

                                Marketing Musings
                                December, 22, 1997

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                                                                Mitch Arnowitz

In this issue:

- Quote of the Week
- Opportunity
- Netpreneur Program News
- Resources, Links
- Sitings
- Editor's Note
- Subscription Info.

Quote of the Week

"Brands win.  People buy brands.  If you think about it, 20 years ago
a relationship could be beat a brand, even though a brand has always
been important.  Today a relationship can't beat a brand."-

Robert Pittman, AOL Networks President and CEO, on success
in the digital age (thanks to Mark Milligan for sending this one in)


The following comes from The I-Sales Digest list, edited
by John Audette  .

From: Jeremy Sanchez <>
Subject: Looking for Company to Refer Business To


I'm John Audette's Executive Assistant at MMG.

In order to produce maximum results for our clients, we limit the
number of clients that we work with. As a result we are forced to
turn away 4 out of 5 inquiries that we receive. We would really
like to help those that we are not able to work with find a high
quality, professional online marketing company that is a good
match for their needs.

If you are interested in referral business, please send a brief
e-mail to me with your qualifications, background,
representative list of clients and fee structure. Please do not
e-mail John.

Jeremy Sanchez

M u l t i m e d i a  M a r k e t i n g  G r o u p  I n c
................... The Online Agency ~ Since 1994 ...........
         Internet Marketing & Public Relations
......................... ..................

FAQ, Information & Archives at our website,
maintained by Multimedia Marketing Group:

Subscribe by sending a message to:

Netpreneur Program News

A new service; FAQtory is now available on the Netpreneur
Exchange  . FAQtory cranks out compiled,
edited, navigable Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) lists drawn
from the many and various events, groups and sources around the
Netpreneur Program. From management to product development,
partnering to marketing, legal precedent to financial strategies,
there are new resources and rules for growing a Net-based

The FAQtory will be a constantly evolving feature within the
Netpreneur Exchange. You'll see new topics, new question,
new answers almost daily, as well as significant revisions as we
merge and breakout new sections and as we mine new
knowledge. Check out the *marketing* area of FAQtory,
some of these threads are from our discussion group!

You can contribute additional information to answers, as well
as new questions which we'll pass along to appropriate
Netpreneur Program discussion groups and other sources.
We're trying to focus on questions unique to netpreneurial
businesses. Our goal is to build a set tools that give all
netpreneurs a better chance to succeed.

The FAQtory:
Submit questions and contributions by email:
Another great service; ActionNet recently went live on the site.
Following is information, on this service, taken from the site:

Each day hundreds of deals are inked, and they all have one
thing in common: they happened because someone connected
with someone else. ActionNet makes it easier to connect.
When you submit your strategic opportunity to ActionNet you
broadcast it to Funders, Strategic Partners, and Netpreneurs who
may be looking link up with someone just like you.

So how do you participate? Just subscribe to the ActionNet broadcast.
You'll receive an introductory email that provides more details about the
service. Then you'll receive an ActionNet email about once a day listing
actual opportunities. If you have a strategic opportunity that you'd like to
broadcast to the ActionNet subscriber base (made up of Netpreneurs,
Funders, and Strategic Partners), simply Submit the opportunity to the
ActionNet team for review. If approved, it will be broadcast by the end
of the next business day.

What types of opportunities qualify for ActionNet? We're looking for
strategic level opportunities that request some specific action to take

For additional information (& examples of ActionNet opportunities)
and to subscribe:

Resources, Links

American Business Information (ABI)  provides its database of
information on 10MM businesses to direct marketers, company
& consumer marketers. ABI offers its information on a website.

The website offers, for free, company information, sorted by
company name, geography, SIC code or size. You can also
get a business's ABI credit rating for $3.00. This could be a
good deal, I wasn't charged (at least not that I know!) for looking
up several companies here.

ABI information & databases are currently the back-end to several
services so you may have already used this service without
knowing it. Their latest deal, I think, is with the AT&T WorldNet ISP
service. It wasn't that long ago that I had to order up, and pay &
wait for, a CD-ROM to get this same information.
The International Data Group  Internet offering; bills itself as "The Web Resource For Technology Decision
-Makers". The site offers IT media, research and exposition company
information. The marketing resource area is a solid resource.
Specifically, check out the IT Industry News and Research &
Information sections. I will bookmark this page & return whenever
I need to get to a source.
The off-line trade publication, PROMO Magazine has published its
first Web Guide  .

This guide is actually a roadmap to companies in the promotion
industry that have recently staked a claim in Cyberspace. Top
promotion company players are here. If nothing else, this roll-up
gives you URLs for major, off-line players.


Patrick Fitzgerald, of Washington's CKS Partners, Inc., writes
in to tell us about a new client site: Nequity  .
Nequity is the "premier online community for small businesses." The
site is still under construction but promises to have interactive tools
necessary to level the playing field for the (small) virtual business owner.

Nequity, based in Virginia, is following the new, as yet to be defined, net
-centric business model. The idea of bringing folks together, in a virtual
setting, to exchange information and build relationships is one the
Netpreneur Programs supports (is this what "they" mean by community
building?). I will go back & check this site out in a month, you might
want to do the same, could be good for business.

Editor's Note

Folks, sorry about the brevity of this week's newsletter. I have a
thousand *worthwhile* sites, resources, people, places to pass on
but.. am finding myself incredibly squeezed for time as we finish
this year.

The more I get done in December, the busier I seem to get. As we
roll toward the end of the year, the pace is frantic. Marketing
ideas abound, email is a deafening roar, people are
coming up for air and finally returning calls, end of the year reviews
are coming out and... we have a week to go.

Maybe its just me but time seems to be at a (big) premium
this holiday season. I was out for beers the other night
& asked fellow Amstel (Holiday) Lager drinkers if its only our
industry or if business in general is getting crazy.

The flurry of year-end activity is great news here in Washington's
Internet community. (assumption here is that we are all
working *smart* but that is for another column after the New Year).

I remember a time when the end of the year was synonymous with
taking it easy. No more time for slacking fellow netpreneurs!
Welcome to Cyberland- the land that never sleeps (can you hear
me Frank Sinatra?). Mind you, I'm not complaining, just trying to
squeeze out more hours in a day.

Is this a rant? I doubt it, like you just feeling overwhelmed as we try
to get it all done. Heres to a *great* New Year for all of us. 1997
has been one fine year. Our community is taking hold, the
national press is writing about Washington activity, people
know we're onto something big. Most important, many of our
plans and ideas will come to fruition in 1998.

BTW, we have lots of value packed ideas and experiments
planned for our marketing community (many of these ideas came
from you!), stay tuned for an update shortly after the 1st.
Our newsletter will be also taking a break for the New Year,
look for the next issue on January 19.

Have a great Holiday & New Year, come back with plenty of
revenue producing ideas, *thanks for the support* & we'll see
you in 1998.

Subscription Info.

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