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AM: Value of user demographics?

To:     "Adv/Mktg" <>
Subject:     AM: Value of user demographics?
From:     "Andrew Forbes" <>
Date:     Thu, 8 Jan 1998 09:17:34 -0500

I'm working on a business plan, and I'm in the process
of refining the revenue numbers.  I'm having a difficult
time deciding on the value of one of the services, and
I'm hoping for some feedback from this group.
For those of you running web sites and doing ad banner
insertion systems:
What would you be willing to pay for an IP address to
user demographics conversion service?  In other words,
if I could provide you with the capability, in real time,
to "know" the demographics of the surfer behind the
IP that is requesting pages from your web server (or ads
from your ad server), what would this be worth to you?
Note that this service would not require site registration,
cookies, any modifications to your web site or any action
on the part of the consumer behind the IP address.
For the web site operators, this service would also allow
you to develop survey level broadcast style (market
segment/daypart/etc) reports.
What is this worth on a per surfer per month basis?
Any opinions would be welcome.
Andrew Forbes
Re: AM: Value of user demographics?, Ross Stapleton-Gray

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