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Re: AM: Value of user demographics?

To:     Adv/Mktg <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Value of user demographics?
From:     Brian Alpert <>
Date:     Thu, 08 Jan 1998 15:19:29 -0500
References:     <01bd1c6f$bb8d7740$3094efce@BOUNTY.ITPO.COM>

Andre (et al) --

ZDNet gave us a typical assessment of their magazine subscribers and
site visitors, "technology managers," but nothing more elaborate than
that. If they provided greater segmentation it didn't make an
impression, but I believe they did not -- we bought those ads thru
SoftBank Interactive, btw.

Our hardcore target market is SO niched - our ad begins with a direct
pitch to "Communications Equipment Managers" - we'd pay much more to
know we were reaching a high concentration of them, perhaps two-three
times as much. But we're not at all a mass market, our targets are rare,
and believe me we'd watch that ROI very closely. None of the other mass
market demographics you mention apply to our needs, sorry to say.

As an aside, we consider banners as a way to increase visibility and
strengthen branding, rather than hard lead generation. To generate leads
over time using the Net, we're looking to devote resources to a more
directed, individualized, long-term marketing effort, a by-permission
email list.


Andrew Forbes wrote:

> Brian:
> What did ZDNet tell you about the people that actually saw your
> ad?  Did they give you some kind of market segmentation?
> How much more would you pay for a detailed demographic
> breakdown of the people that saw your ad, or better yet, what
> would you pay to pick the detailed characteristics that are
> important to you...

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