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Re: AM: Value of user demographics?

To:     "Jim Boyd" <>, "Adv/Mktg" <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Value of user demographics?
From:     "Andrew Forbes" <>
Date:     Thu, 8 Jan 1998 17:47:54 -0500


My approach is a little bit different.  If you want specific identifying
information about a visitor to your site, you can always ask them
to register (perhaps with a promise of inclusion in a mailing list
or a raffle or some such).  Of course, odds are that most people
would decline to provide such information.

What I'm looking at is supplying demographic information, in
other words, providing the ability to convert an IP to demographics
at the point the visit occurs, as well as at a later point in time.
This would not include name, address, email, phone, but rather
market segment, zip code, household income, etc. 

A decision about which marketing collateral to present could then
be made on the fly (for those people that wish to make presentation
decisions based on the aforementioned characteristics).  As
has already been pointed out, or course, some differentiation's
are so narrow (Communications Equipment Managers) that this
approach is not useful.

The value of this would be that web site operators could get a 
much better idea of what kind of people visit their site.

They may find that from 12 noon - 3 pm a majority of their
visitors are upper middle class; and
>From 3 pm - 6 pm their visitors are blue collar; and
>From 6 pm - 9 pm their visitors are primarily people in their 
twenties with lots of disposable income.

This understanding of their audience would have an impact
on which ad banners ran at which time, and would enable
them to charge more for ads run in the 6 pm - 9 pm time slot
(assuming that advertisers were willing to pay a premium
to put ads in front of twenty somethings with disposable income)

And this issue is the root of the problem I'm trying to sort

If you were going to run an ad banner campaign, and you
decided to run your ads on a web site focused on sports,
how much more would you be willing to pay to see a
daypart/demographic breakdown of the types of people
that saw your ad, and more importantly, would you pay
extra to limit your ad banners to a specific demographic
category of person? How much more?

What is the value of being able to target Internet ads based on
"traditional" demographics?

What is the value of being able to generate "traditional"
demographic segmentation/daypart reports for your web site
and/or ad banner campaign?

Andrew Forbes

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Boyd <>
To: Adv/Mktg <>
Date: Thursday, January 08, 1998 5:15 PM
Subject: Re: AM: Value of user demographics?

>Just joined the group and was intrigued by this discussion.  In terms of
>a longer-term marketing strategy, wouldn't it be valuable to know
>particulars of who came to your site (e.g., name, address, phone, email,
>age) and target those visitors with a focused sales effort?
>I understand the need/desire to target specific types (e.g.,
>Communications Equipment Managers), but it is possible someone visiting
>a site, who is not in a targeted group, will pass on the information to
>someone who is.
>Jim Boyd, President
>bocaro group, inc.
>4008 South 18th Street, Arlington, VA  22204
>Phone: 703.486.7916  Fax: 703.486.7978

Re: AM: Value of user demographics?, Paul Albert

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