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Re: AM: Value of user demographics?

To:     <>
Subject:     Re: AM: Value of user demographics?
From:     "Fleck" <>
Date:     Fri, 9 Jan 1998 10:33:33 -0500


This discussion has meandered away from your original 
question to discuss demographic issues at large.  This is 
fine, we can all benefit from this knowledge, but I wanted to 
come back and answer your original question, which was:

"What would you be willing to pay for an IP address to 
user demographics conversion service?"

My answer is: nothing.

Reason:  From reverse DNS resolution, there is no way to 
capture demographic information.  If I do a reverse lookup
and find that somebody came from, that tells me 
absolutely nothing about the individual user.  Even worse, if 
someone comes from an ISP where a pool of IPs is 
randomly assigned to dialup users, an IP is never definitely 
"attached" to an individual.  (Note too, many companies
also assign IP addresses dynamically).

The only accurate way to capture demographic info from an 
individual user is to have them register (either directly on the 
site or through a network like firefly).

Hope my assessment is correct; perhaps a true techie can 
chime in to confirm or refute.

Steve "Fleck" Fleckenstein
Morino Institute/ Netpreneur Program

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