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RE: AM: Value of user demographics, Part 2

To:     "'Ross Stapleton-Gray'" <>
Subject:     RE: AM: Value of user demographics, Part 2
From:     Andrew Forbes <>
Date:     Fri, 9 Jan 1998 16:00:13 -0500
Cc:     Adv/Mktg <>


The main issue with OPS, as I understand it, is that it leaves
users in the provide/no provide loop.  What I'm talking about
completely bypasses users.

If the industry goes to an ISP direct to marketer approach
(bypassing users) for the conversion of IP to demographics,
I'd assume that ISPs will offer "base" Internet accounts that
are subsidized by demographic sales, and "premium" accounts
that are not.  In other words, the eventual beneficiary of the 
sales of the demographic information will be the consumers
that choose the subsidized service.

You are considering letting Whole Foods act as an "agent"
for the resale of your food purchase preferences in exchange
for a small discount; would you consider letting your ISP
resell your demographics in exchange for a discount? 

Andy Forbes

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From:	Ross Stapleton-Gray []
Sent:	Friday, January 09, 1998 3:12 PM
To:	Andrew Forbes
Cc:	Adv/Mktg
Subject:	Re: AM: Value of user demographics, Part 2

More specifically to the point, any business plan re brokering user data
would acknowledge OPS; from the W3C site:

   The Open Profiling Standard (OPS) is co-authored by Netscape, Firefly,
   and VeriSign and was submitted to the W3C as part of the P3P project. 
   This specification proposes a means for the exchange of user profile
   information -- how to store and release, under the user's permission,
   data which is often requested or required by a Web service.

Give them a few more weeks among the knives of the NASDAQ and you won't
have to worry about Netscape, but Firefly and VeriSign are, relatively
speaking, very big standards-setting players in the business you're
wanting to be in.

NB that success of the OPS would provide users with far more protection of
privacy than Web sites or ISPs would, if they had their druthers, grant
them, but seems likely to be a default... even with an "opt in" bias to
the world, there will still be a lot of customers revealing preferences
and identity, just like my wife & I are preparing to fork over our
shopping practices to Whole Foods and their suppliers for our paltry

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RE: AM: Value of user demographics, Part 2, Ross Stapleton-Gray

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