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AM: Value of user demographics

To:     "''" <>, "'marketing/advertising discussion group'" <>
Subject:     AM: Value of user demographics
From:     Kristen Staples <>
Date:     Tue, 13 Jan 1998 20:16:40 -0500


Regarding all the recent posts in your quest for more information, here is 
a list of competitors that was researched and compiled about a year ago for 
comparison with another local netpreneur with what sounds like your 
concept.  Some of these companies may have merged or may no longer exist, 
but here is the list in its entirety.  These companies could possibly be in 
your space.  They are not considering tracking or ad management companies, 
but are companies that update site information in real time, based on 
tracking.  The user is never asked for registration or cookies.  Management 
teams in several companies appear to be strong.

BroadVision does 1:1 marketing.  1:1 marketing gurus are on the board at 

Imperative is another large competitor, with a sexier Website. *Manage!IT 
is impressive personalization.  Broadvision and Imperative target the 
Fortune 1000.

Firefly has intelligent agent technology, collects  psycographics and offer 
specific products or content to users.

Blau/Coyote Technologies has MHTML technology and claims to have a 
relationship with IBM.

Dynamo (Art Technology Group

Telescope (Cyber Dialogue)- appears similar, just starting out.

PWS (W3.COM)- Nice product. Can it customize on the fly? Appears to collect
information, analyze all data, & then change or customize.

i33 Communications


The Angle

Others?mostly in tracking field:
Andromedia, Inc.
Accrue Software, Inc.
Caravelle, inc.
I/PRO, Inc.
InContext Corp.
Interse Software, Inc.
net.Genesis Corp.
NetCarta Corp.
Site Technologies, Inc.

-Kristen Staples

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