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Re: Re: AM: Beer & PeaNets oversubscribed; ad-market only version possible?

Subject:     Re: Re: AM: Beer & PeaNets oversubscribed; ad-market only version possible?
Date:     Wed, 14 Jan 1998 18:37:17 -0500 (EST)

To follow up on this thread, folks:

<< Do you'all have any plans to offer an ad-market
 focused equivalent (or perhaps you do, and I've
 missed it)? >>

If anyone here wants to participate in an informal session with me on how to
reach the tech press (would dinner at a Shoney's count?) I'd be glad to
participate.  Don't know if that's responsive to the question, but it's
something I'd love to do.

Yes, I know that the Morino folks held a great big session on the topic of
high-tech PR smarts, but I'd imagine it's far from a dead issue here...

I say this because I'm a freelance biz/tech reporter (working with InfoWorld,
InternetWeek, Byte etc.) who's more than a little bit interested in learning
more about what's going on on the other side.  I'd be glad to share whatever
info I can about how tech editors/writers think, and what we need.

Let me know if that sounds good to anyone here, and we'll see what we can
pull together.

- Anne Zieger

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