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AM: Re: Value of user demographics, Part 2- privacy

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Subject:     AM: Re: Value of user demographics, Part 2- privacy
From:     "Mitch Arnowitz" <>
Date:     Sat, 17 Jan 1998 13:48:42 -0500
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Allen Goldberg said:
> let's not forget about the lessons we learn from AOL.  every time AOL
> talks about selling lists or targeted marketing to its subscribers using
> different triggers there is a great hue and cry about privacy and
> confidentiality.  

Allen, et al-

You and others raise good points on the privacy issue surrounding 
collection of consumer /user information. This is, for sure, an important 
and interesting topic to any net business plan. My take here:

As I recall (disclaimer as I haven't reread the thread) Andrew's technology 
would enable sites to collect demographics for campaign targeting. The site 
*could* turn around & sell collected information, but that assumes he/she 
has critical mass- something that alludes only the most popular sites.

In AOL's case, they wanted marketing partners to telemarket customer 
base with additional product & offers. The issue wasn't that CUC would 
be able to better serve me a travel adv., based on my usage & experience, 
but AOL would have CUC's telemarketers call me & try to upsell additional 

Imgis is currently working with Metromail to match customer profile against 
demographics. I believe one of Doubleclick's biggest selling points is the
ability to effectively target users (now if Doulbeclick sells collected 
information to a client of their growing direct marketing division, well thats
another story). 

With the advent of net direct marketing, better targeting technologies will 
evolve. I (re) raise the privacy issue because, IMHO, part of the business 
model (for Andrew's plan, as an example) will deal with technology
/marketing and a big part will talk to privacy concerns. 

Allen, Welcome aboard!

Mitch Arnowitz
Business Development
Morino Institute
PKW Netpreneur Program 

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