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RE: AM: Should non-profits solicit donations through banner ads?

To:     "'Andrew Forbes'" <>, "" <>
Subject:     RE: AM: Should non-profits solicit donations through banner ads?
From:     "David J. Simonetti" <>
Date:     Sun, 18 Jan 1998 22:12:37 -0500
Organization:     Projix Corporation

On Sunday, January 18, 1998 1:02 PM, Andrew Forbes 
[] wrote:
> Ross:
> What I know about marketing is more direct mail
> oriented than broadcast, so I have a fairly basic
> question.
> When a radio/tv station runs a PSA for a non-profit,
> does it count as donation for tax purposes?  If so,
> how is a value placed on the ad presentation? How
> would this work on the 'net?
> Andrew Forbes


My understanding is that every non-cable based TV/Radio station must devote a 
specific percentage of their advertising time to PSA'a as a condition of their 
FCC license.

Because of this mandate, that time couldn't otherwise be used for commercial 
purposes.  Thus my belief is that it's value (which would be the specific CPM a 
commercial concern would be charged for the airtime based on audience for that 
time slot) is not deductible because the time could not be sold to say, Procter 
and Gamble, for x dollar amount.

Of course, I'm not a CPA and as I don't want the Professional Regulation people 
fining me or imposing some like torture upon me, I must qualify the above to be 
"my understanding" and not fact. :) Happy MLK Day.


David J. Simonetti
Projix Corporation
1601 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 803
Washington, DC  20009-1035

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