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AM: Marketing Musings Newsletter

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Subject:     AM: Marketing Musings Newsletter
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Thu, 22 Jan 1998 09:20:30 -0500
Organization:     Morino Institute
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                                        Marketing Musings
                                          January 22, 1998

                Visit and join the Netpreneur Program at

                                                                Mitch Arnowitz

In This Issue

- Quote of the Week
- Editors Note
- Whats Happening In
- '97 Year End Reviews, '98 Predictions
- News, Articles
- Sitings
- Links, Resources
- Meetings
- Trends
- Subscription Info.

Quote of the Week

A spokesman for Microsoft said its recent purchase of Hotmail
was no bet on e-mail becoming a major advertising revenue
source. Sharish Nadkarni, director of product planning at
Microsoft Network said the appeal of the company was more
its technology than its ad sales

Editor's Note

In addition to our ongoing discussion group, a bi-weekly newsletter
is pushed out. Marketing Musings (this newsletter) contains regional
and global ad/marketing/commerce reviews and snippets, sitings,
opinions and anything else relevant to our space.

The newsletter is published about every other Monday (with this issue,
I've already broken that rule..). Your input is needed! As you go
through this newsletter, think about where *you* fit in.

Have a recent success? Have an opinion or rant? Have news we should
all know about? Great! Get famous, send it to:

Whats Happening In

Advertising and marketing folks in Washington have come back from
the holiday break well rested and ready to address issues and
opportunities. The ad-market boards have been active lately.

Of note, are two recent threads on demographics and non-profit
advertising. In case you missed the conversations (or have been
to busy), discussions are archived on the netpreneur site at:

'97 Year End Reviews, '98 Predictions

* Netpreneur Program-

* IDC- ("Predictions '98: New Power Brokers
Reshape the IT Industry")

* Business Technology Journal (Technology Radar Screen1998)-

* The Gardner Group-


* Ad Age-
(articles: "From computers to soap, Web is the place to be",
"Web becomes A Viable Channel")

* "Looking Back on 1997, The Year In Review"-

* NetMarketing-

* Channel Seven-
(look for NetTech Awards and the iAd campaigns here)

* NUA Surveys-

John Chambers Nov. '97 Comdex speech is also found here. John
is President and CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc. This piece is relevant
reading for anyone in our space. The article: "Companies advised to
develop Web Strategies"

* WebWeek (article)-

have you seen a worthwhile year-end
review or '98 prediction? Send it in to:

Internet advertising revenues are expected to total $1B for 1997.
How much of this business is your company or site getting? Tell us about
it! Send in your successes to:

News, Articles

Java Banner Ads Test In-House IT Resources-
Some companies are attempting to bring Java ad development in house.
One company did just that and saw banner ad response rates grow five
fold. For the rest of the story:
In a stock swap worth $89 million, Excite Inc. has acquired on-line
advertising firm Matchlogic Inc.
The Washington Post has acquired the online news service, Newsbytes
News Network
Intelligent Interactions, Inc., a local netpreneur and Claritas Inc recently
announced a strategic alliance that joins Intelligent Interaction's Adfinity ad
delivery software with Claritas'  PRIZM(R) database
Fortune magazine recently named VerticalNet Inc., (a regional netpreneur)
as one of the "Cool Companies" to work for
Emaginet's online affinity marketing program will soon be out. Read all
about it:
Better yet, try it out at:
The January issue of Wired (pg 72) has an interesting read about the death of
traditional advertising in favor of Internet advertising; "Bye-Bye. The Net's
Precision Accountability Will Kill Not Only Traditional Advertising,
But It's Parasite, Big Media. Sniff"- Randell Rothenberg

The January issue isn't archived on the site yet, you'll have to buy the hard
copy or wait a month. After reading this article, check out clickz's commentary
* thanks to George Atkinson at Trade Compass for sending this one in
And... the biggest news of the week is that Dagwood & Blondie hit the web.
Check it out:

did you know... that the Gap's online store, opened in time for the 1997
holiday season, is so successful that it is going to become one of the
chain's biggest stores?


i-frontier recently put together a clever
banner campaign for the upcoming "Web Advertising '98" show.
The banner reads "How much do you pay to bring a visitor to
your site?"

This HTML pop-up banner is interactive, allowing the customer
to enter their answer from a pulldown menu. After entering answer,
the customer is then taken to a site with results. These results are
tabulated in real time & based on all the answers that have been
given (including yours).

Unfortunately, I have no address to send you to for your own vote
or viewing, the interactive banners don't seem to be running this
week. I'll let you know when they're back up, its worth taking a

LinkInfo  is an online subscription
service that "gives you the power to effectively manage and analyze
in-links to your Web site and your competitor's." LinkInfo is
owned by Pinnacle Publishing, Inc.; a software tools company.

LinkInfo, in conjunction with Alta Vista, checks links (on a
weekly basis) *into* your site. Subscription includes weekly
URL reports for your site, and your competitors. Reports
are linked so that you can instantly visit competitor's
links and see what you're missing.

Upcoming services that caught my eye include the ability to
add links not found by Alta Vista, an autobot thank-you sent
to new linked sites and the ability to delete links from domains
you no longer want.

Is this service worthwhile? This depends on your needs. Are
you currently checking or do you need to check links, on a
weekly basis? Periodically, I check links into The
Netpreneur Program's site, inputting the following
in Alta Vista's search engine: "" (no
quotation marks necessary). But, I must admit
that I don't do this enough.

Information is kept on LinkInfo's server. Has anyone seen
shareware downloads that preform similar services? A yearly
subscription here is $149.99. An interesting (sample) report,
comparing Wendy's International to Burger King Corporation
can be found at:

The reports alone may make this service worthwhile.

Links, Resources

Theres a new resource center in town (or at least on
the web), found at:  .
AdResource has some nice articles
("The New Face Of Classified Advertising On The Web").
and easy to use guides off the homepage.

The real value here is in the framed resource directory.
This is a fairly deep resource that could be titled
"everything you ever wanted to know about Internet
advertising but were afraid to ask...." The directory
has it all from an ad rate guide, to lists, shows, legal,
speakers, software & more. A forum and store are

Information delivered is not of a technological nature
and appropriate for a beginner-intermediate level Internet

A word of caution here- it looks like site sponsors
have been integrated into content, this might be tricky
for a beginning Internet marketer to pick up. As
always, look before you add to your shopping cart.
MBinteractive is making the IAB 1997 Online Ad
Effectiveness Study available for downloading or ordering. The full
report is available as a download in Adobe Acrobat format. A hard
copy of the report can be ordered via a form also found on the site.
Both ordering options can be found at:

did you know... that Bell Atlantic bought the domain names and Bell Atlantic let the former name
lapse. Now, when you visit, you are greeted by:
"Don't Let the Name Change Fool You. Same Company, Same Bad Service."
BTW this site is produced by Thinking Media. One of this company's clients
is AT&T...


"Nonprofits Online '98: Working the Web, Transforming the Sector";
the annual conference that helps nonprofit groups better use
the World Wide Web for fundraising, marketing and service delivery
will be held Jan. 30, 1998, in Arlington, Va., at the Marriott Crystal City.

"Nonprofits Online '98:" is being presented by Philanthropy Journal
Online and co-produced The Zeff Group  ,
an Internet consulting firm that presented Nonprofits Online '96.

The conference aims to help nonprofits take advantage of the explosion
in Internet technology that has emerged as the economy's driving
force. The conference will feature sessions on such topics as: raising
charitable dollars online; marketing and promoting nonprofits on the
Web & developing an Internet strategy. Speakers will include
experts from Yahoo!, Microsoft,

For information or registration materials, call Lee Smith at (919)
899-3756 or visit the Nonprofits Online '98 Web site at  , where you also can register.

A great place to find & enter event information is:


Community sites that help people find and stay in touch with
colleagues, friends or affinity groups and grow their network are gaining
in popularity. This new breed of community site uses the Internet as a
tool to help you meet new people, network or find a job.

Hmmm, makes sense and given what we know about the net as a
communications medium, there might be a business here. Will you buy
something because of your affiliation? Lets pull the covers back and
take a peek at a couple of these services.

PlanetAll's  goal is to manage your
contact information. The service currently has 550,000 members,
membership is free. Robert Seidman
recently made a good point when he questioned the value of free memberships.

By collecting information from your rolodex, PlanetAll can tell you that
a friend is in town (presumably that belongs to this service), changes of address
for key business contacts, news of a former colleague's new job, or reminders
about a friend's birthday or alumni group meeting.

When a contact you have selected makes a change, this service automatically
updates your address book. Downstream, information also ties into your Pilot or
Outlook reader.

The site is pursuing an ad model ($30/CPM). Additional revenue streams
include commerce and licensing (address book technology, linking to
intranets). The site has a store, there are plans here to tie commerce into
content/affiliation. Marketers will take a close look as PlanetAll builds out its
relationship with affinity groups (schools, companies, etc.).

One of the marketing advantages to this type of service is that it appeals
to both consumer and business users. Issues include how well commerce
can be integrated into content and how the service develops an affinity or
relationship with users.

PlanetAll's plan calls for a 1:1 relationship with users (talk about being at the
right place at the right time, don't you wish you were Don Peppers or Martha
Rogers right about now?).

Building a mass of members is obviously critical to success here..
PlanetAll has pipelines in place with GeoCities and Lycos and has a
financial relationship with CMG@Ventures.

Learning from Hotmail & other free email services, management
is taking a hard stand on spamming. To protect privacy, Planet All pledges
not to sell names to direct marketers. The site will sell aggregate
demographic information on membership, presumably to support an
advertising model.

Another free service is SixDegrees  , named for
the "six degrees of separation" premise that every person can connect
to everyone else in the world through six other people that know each other
(hey, I don't make this stuff up- this concept was put forward by none other
then the inventor of the wireless telegraph; Guglielmo Marconi!).

The idea is to leverage relationships your friends have in order to find a job
or gather information you're interested in. An interesting example of how this
form of networking works can be found at:

(if the URL doesn't work, go to the homepage and hit *network me* in
the navigation bar). This company (MacroView Communications Corp.)
launched one year ago & is privately funded.

To sign on here, your demographic information is entered into a database.
You then provide information for two additional contacts. Your contacts
are then contacted by SixDegrees to verify your relationship and are invited
to join your network. Contacts in turn provide friends and family from their
network and so on...

Membership benefits include a networking service that allows you to find people
connected to your network, being able to determine how you are connected to
someone and the opportunity to add additional contacts and change profiled
information. The plan here sounds simple, it always does but... impressive is
the execution.

The numbers here are impressive. The service currently has over 300,000 members
(100% growth in the past 4 months). An ad model is being pursued. The site already
has an impressive list of advertisers, most from sectors other then hardware and
software. The online rate card currently provides overall pageviews. There
will be big time interest by advertisers as the site begins to provide
breakdowns by affinity or sector... Additional streams include licensing.

Are there marketing opportunities here? I reference a recent holiday campaign
by Estee Lauder in which site visitors were asked to complete "The Wish List"-
Clinique products wanted for Christmas. Along with this list, visitors forked
over email addresses of those that they wanted the list sent to. Now, can
you imagine if Estee Lauder could have targeted the wish list beyond women
*and* had email addresses?

Ahhh- the privacy issue again... Like many new services on the Internet, it will
be interesting to see if the technology gets up to speed and... marketers
are able to take advantage of the opportunities.

Subscription Info.

To join the Netpreneur Program:

To join the ad-market discussion group, and receive this newsletter:

To view the ad-market discussion group archives:

Marketing Musings is Copyright  1996-2003 Morino Institute, all rights
reserved. The information contained in this newsletter has been
obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but is not necessarily
complete and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It is provided "as is"
and your use is at your own risk

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