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AM: Re: What could a sponsored channel on FedCast/PointCast go for?

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: Re: What could a sponsored channel on FedCast/PointCast go for?
From:     "Fleck" <>
Date:     Thu, 22 Jan 1998 11:16:30 -0500

James Camp asked:

   What could a sponsored [PointCast] channel go for...?


Did a little research on this question, and couldn't come up with 
much.  There's lots of talk about sponsorship models, but few
hard facts that I could find on sponsorship pricing.

At the top end, companies like ivillage are asking for major dollars: 
for example, ivillage asks for $100k-$500k for sponsorship across 
its Life Soup network.  Of course, ivillage runs a consumer-focused
"media brand."

As I sifted through some list archives and other articles, most of
the discussion seemed to focus on a CPM-based model, with a
premium charged above usual ad rates for the extra exposure
gained through a persistent presence.  For example, a feature on
Conde Net's Epicurious Travel area that was launched last summer
charged sponsors "premium prices above Conde Net's basic $55
cost per thousand."  The CPM approach could probably be justified
more easily than a flat fee pricing structure.

Steve "Fleck" Fleckenstein
Morino Institute/ Netpreneur Program

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