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AM: Re: FW: What could a sponsored channel on FedCast/PointCast go for?

Subject:     AM: Re: FW: What could a sponsored channel on FedCast/PointCast go for?
From:     Bridget Robey <>
Date:     Mon, 26 Jan 1998 21:59:11 -0500 (EST)


Sorry for the delay in responding--

I've been interested in FedCast since its inception so it's interesting to
follow, however distantly, it's "growing pains."  

In addition to my own experience, much of what I have read in the trade
press over the past 6 months HIGHLY supports Sponsorships over "traditional
web-based Advertising."  So I say GO FOR IT!  

Simply put, you are asking companies to make a commitment to this
"community" (i.e., FedCast) which extend--potentially--far beyond your
typical banner ad.  As an advertiser, they are going to be much more
focused on hits/impressions/and the like VERSUS, as a sponsor where there
is an implied mutual interest and goal.  I.E., you're in it together.  And
in your particular case, what a niche market!

Advertisers are more geared to "instant gratification" (i.e., server
reports) versus a sponsor's longer term commitment to a shared goal or
objective.  And it appears to be "okay" to have Site Sponsors also be your
content partners whereas in traditional media, take a newspaper for
example, there's a definite "line" between editorial and advertising.
Funny this Internet thing.  

I agree overall with Christy Kochan's pricing recommendation (Washington
Times Online) and think it's a good place to start.  However, you are
serving a unique and very targeted audience which could serve as a "plus"
in posting higher rates. (not to mention the majority of potential
corporate sponsors--defense and aerospace companies, for example--have deep
pockets.  And YOU can get them in front of the same audience they have
"rules" against soliciting directly in many cases. )

Give them a good deal.  Start with Christy's number for a "limited time
only," i.e., an introductory offer with an added incentive to renew at
reduced rates over the next guy.  I think you can create both a demand and
a waiting list while providing valuable content and resources to a niche

Hope this helps. 

Bridget Robey
President, American Marketing Association, Washington D.C. Chapter

>-----Original Message-----
>From: []
>Sent:	Wednesday, January 21, 1998 10:48 AM
>Subject:	AM: What could a sponsored channel on FedCast/PointCast go for?
>We are re-evaluating the positioning of FedCast, the
>federal push version of PointCast developed by
>BTG.  To date, we have eight channels broadcasting
>through the Internet.  The service may be accessed
>by downloading the Government Insider file from 
> (the client 
>application and news service are free-there are
>no costs whatsoever for users).
>The animated advertising window (appears in the
>upper right corner) is handled by PointCast.  We
>launched within six of our federal channels a
>selection called MarketPlace, which permits html
>informercials, announcements, etc. types of
>advertising and marketing communications.
>Initially, we thought about selling slots within each
>MarketPlace-a slot being one html article-on a
>monthly basis.  But now I am thinking sponsorships
>for each of the channels may be more attractive.
>We could brand each channel (e.g., the Defense
>Channel, sponsored by TRW) and allow the
>sponsors to populate their respective MarketPlace
>with as many articles as desired, refreshed weekly.
>Users would be able to access each sponsor by a
>branded hot-link button (located on the side vertical
>bar) for every selection within their respective channel, 
>whether they chose to view MarketPlace or not.  This 
>may be hard to visualize without viewing the application,
>because it does not involve your typical banner or 
>badge ads.
>We now have about 35,000 registered users; the
>overall viewership should double within a couple of
>**What could a sponsored channel go for...?
>I'd want at a least six month commitment from
>sponsors because of the time and expense in 
>engineering a branded look.
>I can measure the number of times a channel is
>updated monthly by users and, of course, click-
>throughs should be easily captured by the sponsors 
>James Scampavia
>FedCast Marketing
>BTG, Inc.
>3877 Fairfax Ridge Road, 1J
>Fairfax, VA  22030-7448
>(703) 383-8952 voice
>(703) 383-4125 fax
>Download Government Insider from
>, a free federal
>online newscast for your desktop,
>brought to you by BTG on PointCast.
>Ask me about advertising opportunities
>on MarketPlace, available exclusively
>on Government Insider.  You also can
>for more information.

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