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AM: Marketing help

Subject:     AM: Marketing help
From:     Vikul Khosla <>
Date:     Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:00:56 -0500
Organization:     Ubiquity Computers, Inc


By way of introduction, I am man friday for Ubiquity Computers
( located in Bethesda. 

We are launching our first product; an Internet Kiosk system. The
software package consisting of a client and a server component,
allows deploying pay as you go retail booths for accessing Internet
services. The product highlights are:

	- WWW, e-mail and Internet fax services.
	- pre-created accounts with pre-assigned cash value (similar
		to what AOL does)
	- pre-created debit cards for recharging accounts
	- credit card processing
	- built-in business rules for "franchising".
	- E-mail alias/password selection.
	- Collects user demographic information
	- Ad Server for customized ad delivery based on demographics
	- Pseudo currency for "frequent usage" promotions or other
		cross marketing or affinity programs.
	- Kiosk management and reporting utilities.

In the first release of the product, we are primarily targeting
developing countries where a shared model makes a lot of sense given the
inadequate infrastructure.

I am writing to you all in the hope that I may get some interesting
feedback on setting up marketing/sales channels for selling the 
product overseas. Specifically, I was interested in :

	- industry standard (if any) reseller discounts.
	- companies to manage mailings, pr and other marketing issues
	- obtaining information about overseas companies that could
		be potential resellers.
	- attorneys (or even web sites) where I may find some sample
		reseller agreements for international software sales.
	- stuff to watch out for etc.

Also, I am looking for an energetic entrepeneurial person to drive
marketing/sales with compensation tied to sales.

This is my first mailing to this group ... if I have violated the
in any way, please accept my apologies.


Vikul Khosla, Ubiquity Computers, Inc
Voice : (301) 869 6128
Fax   : (301) 869 8322

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