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AM: Marketing Challenge #2; tag line

Subject:     AM: Marketing Challenge #2; tag line
From:     Bob Bailey <>
Date:     Sun, 01 Feb 1998 06:43:36 -0500


I'm afraid that none of the tag lines do a whole lot for me. I suggest that you go back and look at the BENEFITS that you are delivering rather than the mode of delivery. Let's think about that:

1. Lower cost.
2. Better selection.
3. Easier. Especially for someone like me who works at home. If I have to buy office supplies it means getting up and driving to Staples. Buying from my DESKTOP would be super. (Notice I said nothing about the Internet or the Web, that's irrelevant.) I'll still have to go to Staples occasionally in an emergency. BUT it's a lot easier to sit down and order that inkjet cartridge when I use the last one...

How about:

"Office supplies at the touch of a button: Fast, Cheap, Easy."

"Our store is in your office."

"Order all your office supplies without leaving your chair, and at a lower cost."

Just some ideas for you... Bob

>From: Mitch Arnowitz <>
>Reply-To: "" <>
>To: "'marketing/advertising discussion group'" <>
>Cc: "''" <>
>Subject: AM: Marketing Challenge #2; tag line
>Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 17:24:58 -0500
>Organization: Morino Institute
>X-Mailer: Microsoft Internet E-mail/MAPI -
>One of our group, Tom Graham has asked for our help. Tom is 
>undecided on his company's tag line & wants us to help him make a
>Following you will find:
>* brief background on Tom's company;
>* sample tag lines that Tom's agency, VC, etc. have suggested
>Tom wants to know if we like one of the enclosed tag lines, or can suggest 
>a better one. The tag line will be used in off-line collateral's and online
>marketing. Please email Tom *privately* at: (also the
>cc: address on this note) with your preference from tag lines mentioned
>below (as easy as giving Tom the number of the tag line you like from 
>below). Or... you can email Tom *your* idea of an appropriate tag line. 
>Tom will summarize our input and shortly report back to the group.
>Lets see how many responses we can get to Tom by Wednesday, 
>February 3 (is it February already?).. If you have questions for Tom 
>or other comments on this marketing challenge, please cc: the group- 
>this may give us additional ideas that help Tom.
>Do you have a MARKETING CHALLENGE for our group of smart
>WDC Internet advertising & marketing minds? Send it to: 
> . We'll get it out to the group & see if we can
>help out-
>Have a great weekend-
>About the business:
> is an Internet business that will sell over 24,000
>different office products and services primarily to the Small Office and
>Home Office (SOHO) market. This means that an Internet user will be 
>able to access the web site, search and display 24,000 office products and
>services from our web-based catalog, select products and services to
>purchase by placing them in a virtual "shopping cart," and then submit
>the order along with a credit card number for payment. 

> will use, as its first major marketing effort, an 
>affiliated sales program in which SOHO sites will promote 
> by having a click from their site to ours (either from
>a banner-type advertisement or from a special section of their site).
>In return, will pay the originating site anywhere from
>1-8% revenue (it will be different for each Partner) for any buying 
>customer they send.
>In terms of a tag line, the main ideas that distinguish us are that we
>will offer 24,000 items (most similar sites offer 3,000), provide a best
>price guarantee, and offer free shipping on orders over $25 (most
>similar sites have a $50 threshold). 
>Ideas thrown around for a new tag line (not edited):
>1. Inexpensive office products for small business via the web
>2.  The first web service for office products exclusively for
>small business
>3.  The only Internet site for office products exclusively for 
>small business
>4.  24,000 office products for small business
>5.  The cool way to purchase office products for your small 
>6.  The value site for office products on the web
>7.  Office products for the web for your growing business
>8.  The PC way to buy office products
>9.  Wired office products for your growing business
>10.  We supply growing businesses
>11. Office products from the web to your doodstep

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