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AM: RE: request for tagline help

To:     "''" <>,
Subject:     AM: RE: request for tagline help
From:     Terry Steichen <>
Date:     Sun, 1 Feb 1998 14:55:08 -0500
Cc:     "''" <>


Good idea.  Give small guys the same benefits of big guys at even more

Terry Steichen

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> From: []
> Sent:	Friday, January 30, 1998 8:51 PM
> To:
> Subject:	AM: request for tagline help
> To: Tom Graham
> Re: Tagline
> Of the offered taglines, only #s 1, 4, 6 and 11 seem to offer
> something
> to the customer.  The others are largely about you.
> Based on the material you've offered, your web site has three
> (possibly
> four) potentially differentiating things to talk about:
> 1)  Selection (24,000 items)
> 2)  Convenience (free delivery with a lower than industry-standard
> threshold)
> 3)  Price (or perhaps value)
> You've chosen to target the SO/HO market (which is not synonymous with
> small business).  I can see how you might have some items especially
> suited to this market but how is the whole thing exclusive?  A paper
> clip is a paper clip is a paper clip.  If there are items especially
> helpful to this market, they should be talked about as a category
> and/or
> item-by-item.
> Putting these things together, the tagline could be something like:
> "Buy like the big guys: selection, convenience and value for the small
> office/home office."
> or
> "Delivering big buyer value, convenience and selection to the small
> office/home office."
> If there is room for more copy, you might say that your web-based
> efficiency allows you to offer this kind of value to small-order
> customers.
> Vernon Guidry
> Guidry Associates, Inc.

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