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AM: TT: An experiment (fwd)

To:     "''" <>
Subject:     AM: TT: An experiment (fwd)
From:     Ross Stapleton-Gray <>
Date:     Mon, 9 Feb 1998 17:13:32 -0500 (EST)

I'd sent this to the Talk the Talk list, but there may be as much
relevance here; somewhat short notice, but I'd be interested in hearing of
any interest.

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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 22:13:38 -0500 (EST)
From: Ross Stapleton-Gray <>
Subject: TT: An experiment

Based on feedback from my posting of earlier this week, I'd like to offer
an experiment, on the theme of the one-topic dinner.

I'm taking volunteers for those who might like to join me for dinner at Il
Radicchio, on Clarendon in Rosslyn (Court House, really), next to the
Rhodeside Grill, on Friday, Feb. 13 (an auspicious day!) at 7pm.  We can
probably manage a table of eight, so the first seven takers have it. 

The idea for the one-topic dinner experiment is to have dinner (it's very
nice food, and inexpensive) and discussion, on a theme... I'd like to have
it be the one I mentioned: issues, problems and solutions of building a
Web business on the pennies-per-page ad model.  I'm interested in people
who've got experience with pieces of that, and who wish to learn more, or
newbies contemplating that route for their own Netpreneur adventure, or
"old-timers" who were doing the Web before Yahoo! ever took ads (yes,
those grizzled old-timers).

If you're interested, send me E-mail with the subject "dinner RSVP" (to and I'll send another note to Netpreneurs if the
dance card fills (plus confirmations and any regrets individually).
Please include also a sentence or two on what it is that you do, and your
particular interests.

A note on dinner logistics: they don't really take reservations, but, in
what I can only take as a good sign of a flexible restaurant, the manager
will "ensure we don't wait" if I confirm such a party the day before.

And my thought is, after an hour or two of chewing on penne and problems,
we'll probably have grazed past a few other interesting topics... I'll
then ask one of the attendees to volunteer to arrange the *next* topic and
venue, and pass the baton.  We can try this as a kind of Moveable Net
The restaurant is a short hike down the hill from Court House Metro, on
the Orange Line in Virginia; street parking is usually available.

Ross Stapleton-Gray                     TeleDiplomacy, Inc.                    2503 Columbia Pike, Suite 118
Director, Electronic Embassy Program    Arlington VA 22204                  +1 703 685-5197 / 5257 fax

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