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AM: RE: Marketing Challenge #3; The Informatics Institute wants to grow it's Washington business

To:     "'marketing/advertising discussion group'" <>
Subject:     AM: RE: Marketing Challenge #3; The Informatics Institute wants to grow it's Washington business
From:     "David J. Simonetti" <>
Date:     Wed, 11 Feb 1998 20:21:43 -0500
Importance:     Normal


Word of mouth is one of the best kinds of marketing, but you have to ensure
that those mouths are talking into the right ears.  In terms of the
organizational level, you should first find out (if you don't already know)
who the decision maker for these types of services is. What do they read,
listen to, watch, or visit on a regular basis?  Find out and develop a
presence in those media.

At the retail level, I will assume that you're targeting health
professionals which, to the greater extent, are not doctors.  They would be
nurses, physical and occupational therapists, etc.  If this is correct, any
journal advertising efforts will likely fail, because the majority of these
professionals don't read them.  Furthermore, this group is highly ignorant
of marketing materials, so direct mail is as well wasted on them.  While I
am currently ignorant of what they *do* pay attention to, a competent
marketing research firm or some efforts in that area on your own could
provide you with some good data to go on.  My guess is that People Magazine
is at the top of the
list , but that is based solely on personal experience.

Once you have this data, you should collect some of that word of mouth into
quotable quotes, put it down in some coherent manner, and get it in front of
your market.  You can do this on the front end or the back end which is to
say, that you can use the word of mouth to drive traffic to your Internet
site and more detailed info or you can use another means to drive traffic to
your site and the word of mouth to "close."

In addition, consider partnering with other kinds of companies in the space.
A big sign in a uniform or medical equipment retailer may get you allot more
inquiries than more costly forms of advertising.  Home health agencies?
Pharmaceuticals companies' local sales offices? All could be potential
partners to get your message out.

Hope the above was helpful (decipherable, even?)


David J. Simonetti
Projix Corporation
1601 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 803
Washington, DC 20009-1035

"Write once, run away,
                       anywhere, fast!!"

> -----Original Message-----
> From:
> []On Behalf Of Mitch Arnowitz
> Sent: Wednesday, February 11, 1998 7:01 PM
> To: 'marketing/advertising discussion group'
> Subject: AM: Marketing Challenge #3; The Informatics Institute wants to
> grow it's Washington business
> Folks-
> John Redmond, a newcomer to our group has asked for our help. John
> is part of The Informatics Institute in Bethesda. The Institute's business
> has a net-centric focus (more below), many of John's customers are
> currently online. John wants to use the Internet to help grow his
> business.
> Following you will find:
> * brief background on The Informatics Institute
> * The Institute's *Marketing Challenges*
> For this challenge, we'll change the rules by asking you to post responses
> directly to the group at: This way we can work
> through the challenge together, there is value for all of us here. When we
> are done, John will come back to the group & summarize responses.
> Do you have a MARKETING CHALLENGE for our group of smart
> WDC Internet advertising & marketing minds? Send it to:
> . We'll get it out to the group & see if we can
> help out-
> Thanks!
> Mitch
> about the Institute:
> The Informatics Institute is a net-centric, clinical information
> services company.  We are engaged in helping health care
> organizations plan and implement internet-standards based technologies.
> Our major focus is in training health care professionals in concepts and
> methodologies and motivating organizations to embrace standards in
> networking and in the definition and collection of clinical data.
> The Informatics Institute offers the following services:
> 1 Classes/training
> 2 Data warehousing
> 3 IT strategy and implementation consulting
> The Institute conducts classes in cities across the country
> for health care professionals to train them in applied information
> technology (informatics). Class titles include "Introduction to
> Informatics," and "Informatics for Profiling Physicians". Our
> classes are hands-on and include Internet use. Classes have
> high satisfaction scores and we get good word-of-mouth.
> We also have contracts to provide classes at major health care
> organizations across the country.  After we have made the
> corporate sale, there is an ongoing marketing job, largely handled
> by the client organization, to promote and fill the classes.
> The Informatics Institute has a state-of-the-art training facility
> located in Bethesda, MD, with computers and a frame-relay
> connection to the Internet. This local facility is under-utilized.
> Most of our Bethesda students come from a single hospital in Virginia
> which has a long-term contract with us to train their employees and
> staff.  Efforts to contract with other area hospitals to provide
> training are progressing slowly.  They are inclined to have us provide
> classes at their locations, rather than their people making the (short)
> trip to Bethesda.
> The Institute is well known throughout the country, but not here
> in Washington. * We now want to build our Washington, DC
> business. Driving this local marketing effort is the new training
> facility in Bethesda. * We want to use the facility for local Informatics
> training.
> Given our services and focus, it is logical that part of our marketing
> efforts be tied to the Internet. BTW, we are also working on our
> web-site and will begin to use it as a marketing
> marketing challenges:
> How do we effectively use the Internet and offline marketing tools to:
> 1. market our services to, build relationships and get additional clients
> from among Washington area health care organizations (our objective
> is to fill our facility).
> 2. broaden the base of "retail" business we have.  Lots of health care
> professionals work outside of large organizational settings.  We've
> tried advertising in journals, direct mail, direct fax, direct response
> and radio, without great success.  Word-of-mouth is what generates
> most of our "retail" business.
> Some have told me that email as a marketing and communications
> tool makes sense for my needs. Does anyone have Washington
> sucess stories, experiences to share in this area? Please reply to the
> group at:
> Thanks!
> John A. Redmond
> The Informatics Institute
> Clinical Information Services . . .
> Education, Consulting, Data Warehousing
> 8120 Woodmont Ave., Ste. 500
> Bethesda, MD 20814
> 301-986-4690
> 800-844-0922

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