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AM: RE: RE: AM Marketing Challenge #3

To:     "'Jacquelyn S. Lucy'" <>,
Subject:     AM: RE: RE: AM Marketing Challenge #3
From:     John Redmond <>
Date:     Thu, 12 Feb 1998 17:56:21 -0500

Hi, Jacquelyn - 
Thanks for your interest.  Here are the answers to the questions you

*	We have affiliations with a number of professional organizations
and medical schools, namely the American Medical Association, the
American College of Physician Executives, the American Board of Quality
Assurance and Utilization Review Physicians, the University of Virginia
and the Indiana University/Clarian Health System.
*	Depending on the activity, Continuing Medical Education (for
physicians) credit hours are available through the affiliated
organization, if any, which is co sponsoring the activity.  We are in
the late stages of the accreditation process so that we can offer CME
credit hours on our own.  We are expecting to receive the necessary
accreditation this Spring.
*	We also participate in the ACPE's certificate program.  One of
our classes (Introduction to Informatics) is required for ACPE
certification, and another (Mastering Databases for Decision Support) is
an elective.  We recently began teaching five other classes for the
ACPE, and it is anticipated that they will become electives for the
Non-Resident Masters degree program that the ACPE operates in
conjunction with Tulane University, the University of Wisconsin and
*	We are not set up to provide CEU's for nurses or administrators.
We plan to go after those accreditations after we have completed CME
*	Our classes are practical and applied in orientation.  As such,
they are different from what you are likely to find in an academic
setting.  There are no prerequisites for most of our classes.  Persons
with academic training in informatics find that the hands-on, applied
nature of the classes is very different from what they studied and how
they studied it in school.
*	I think the course names are a barrier to some people attending,
as is the 2-day commitment.   How do we come up with better names?  How
do we determine the best way to schedule the classes?  We cannot afford
to "experiment" with class titles and schedules.

Bethesda has a lot going for it, as far as we are concerned - hotels,
Metro, accessible by car, equidistant to the area's 3 airports, great
assortment of restaurants, NIH, National Library of Medicine, National
Naval Medical Center ...

Thanks for your input

John A. Redmond
The Informatics Institute
Providing Clinical Information Services . . . 
Education, Consulting, Data Warehousing
8120 Woodmont Ave., Ste. 500
Bethesda, MD 20814

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	Jacquelyn S. Lucy []
> Sent:	Thursday, February 12, 1998 3:32 PM
> To:
> Subject:	AM: RE: AM Marketing Challenge #3
> John,
> After visiting your web site, I have a few questions about your
> programs.  Are you affiliated with any Medical or Professional School?
> Do you offer continuing education credit or graduate credit? Is it a
> certificate program? I know that the Nursing, Medical and Pharmacy
> Schools at the University of Maryland have informatics programs.  Are
> your courses designed to expand upon these or are they for those who
> have not taken the programs?
> Another possible problem might be the two day commitment.  I am
> independent meeting planner and I have scheduled many meeting for
> health
> care professionals and they have the worst scheduling problems of any
> group.  It has been my experience that unless they are attending a
> national professional meeting (and presenting), most have a hard time
> scheduling two or more day meetings, especially on consecutive days.
> Have you tried shorter meetings or meetings that meet one day one week
> and another day the next?
> If your target audience is primarily people that are unfamiliar with
> informatics, I recommend that you revise your course titles and
> provide
> descriptions that are more basic.
> Finally, regarding getting people to come to Bethesda (nobody in their
> right mind willingly goes to Bethesda!), have you offered an incentive
> for attending courses at your facility?  Lower cost courses, free
> parking, coupon for price break on future programs, etc.
> Jacquie Lucy
> Image Matters Marketing & Communications

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