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Re: AM: Marketing Challenge #3; The Informatics Institute wants to grow it's ...

Subject:     Re: AM: Marketing Challenge #3; The Informatics Institute wants to grow it's ...
Date:     Mon, 16 Feb 1998 13:00:24 EST

In a message dated 98-02-11 20:20:07 EST, you write:

<< How do we effectively use the Internet and offline marketing tools to:
 1. market our services to, build relationships and get additional clients 
 from among Washington area health care organizations (our objective 
 is to fill our facility).
 2. broaden the base of "retail" business we have.  Lots of health care
 professionals work outside of large organizational settings.  We've
 tried advertising in journals, direct mail, direct fax, direct response
 and radio, without great success.  Word-of-mouth is what generates 
 most of our "retail" business. >>

I have recently launched a major online classroom for the medical community to
take classes and receive FREE continued medical education (CME) credits online
within Digital Cities on AOL (keyword:  cme).  I would recommend that you
contact the various organizations that develop these classrooms to work with
them on some dual exchange of information where they can promote your services
to their consituents and you can assist them in promoting to their businesses.

I am working with a leading accredited CME supplier here in the DC area that I
would be happy to introduce you to.

Mark N. Dorf
Digital City, Inc.
(703) 918-1872

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