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AM: *Marketing Musings*

To:     "'marketing/advertising discussion group'" <>
Subject:     AM: *Marketing Musings*
From:     Mitch Arnowitz <>
Date:     Mon, 23 Feb 1998 12:42:15 -0500
Organization:     Morino Institute
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                                        Marketing Musings
                                             February 23, 1998

                Visit and join the Netpreneur Program at

                                                                Mitch Arnowitz

In This Issue

- Quote of the Week
- Editor's Note
- Whats Happening In
- News, Articles
- Links, Resources
- Meetings
- Surveys
- List News
- Subscription Info.

Quote of the Week

A former IBM advertising executive says online advertising will
require an entirely different marketing approach:  "The consumer
will be in total control.  We're moving from the era when the advertiser
controlled everything through broadcasting to what I call 'pull-casting'
-- where the consumer decides what he wants to see and when he
wants to see it."

Editor's Note

This week's issue of *Marketing Musings* is late and I apologize. I have
been having email problems and lost my work 3 times. Arrrgghhh  : (
On the good news front, this week's content is mostly from you!
A steady stream of advertising & marketing netpreneurs are writing in,
offering information and/or looking for help.

Keep sending in requests, comments, articles, dogtags, anything. Your
input gives our rag a local & relevant flair and improves my sleep patterns!
I started this newsletter with the hope that it would become a place in
space for regional folks to trade information, request help and assist each
other. As our group grows (and it is growing!), so does regional content-
this is good, thanks.

Whats Happening In Ad-Market?

The Informatics Institute recently posed a *Marketing Challenge* to the
group. The institute will shortly be providing a roll-up of responses received.
Bridget Robey needed help in locating a list of individuals who own or use
Progress Software products. Bridget received several responses and will
shortly provide a roll-up for the group.

did you know... that the first chapter of the new John Grisham novel,
"The Street Lawyer,'' will be delivered via e-mail to readers who request
it. To receive your excerpt by email:

News & Articles

Ad Age has a timely article discussing how web publishers are getting
into commerce- "Web publishers morph into online retailers":
AOL recently purchased local netpreneur & search technology
company Personal Library Software
DoubleClick's IPO- ad network DoubleClick's recent initial public
offering issued 2.3 million shares for $17.00 per share. On their first
day of trading, shares pushed as high as $30.37 and closed the
session at $26.75.

Wired News has an interesting read on the viability of ad networks.
BTW, did you know that the top 10 sites drive 60% of ad revenue,
and most do it with an in-house sales dept.?

For the rest of the story:
Boardwatch magazine started out in 1987
as a list of bulletin boards. This magazine, available on the newsstand
and the web, is full of leading online editorial covering the Internet, World
Wide Web, BBSs, and the communications industry. Boardwatch is read
by Internet Service Providers, software developers and consultants.

The February issue's cover story; "A Cache and Carry Internet" features
Doug Humphrey (of Digex fame) and highlights many local netpreneurs.
There is also good information here on upcoming ISPCON show in

The article:
        _________________________________ recently announced that it's Affiliates Program
has 30,000 participants. In this program, Amazon pays sites for
referred business. Amazon payouts or commissions run as high
as 15%.

Amazon obviously isn't looking at profitability but is probably
very smart (at this point in the game) to be building marketshare
and long term relationships.

We have already seen others try to duplicate Amazon's successful
campaign, indeed affiliate or partner programs are the latest
marketing rage.

One local netpreneur, Electronic Newsstand
is building its own partner program with Be Free technology Be Free technology is responsible for
the Barnes and Noble (the
other "world's biggest online bookseller"-is there a lawyer
in the house?) partner program. sells discounted
magazine subscriptions via the web.

I have a couple of thoughts about Amazon success. It seems to
me that books go with any kind of site or service. I mean, there
is a book for *everything*. Can the same be said for other products
or services marketed online? It will be interesting to watch the affiliate program evolve with payouts of up to 25%.

Linking programs with payouts are also interesting from an
advertising perspective (vs. commerce). Will advertisers and sites
cut back or do away with banner ads, etc. in lieu of 15%+ payouts?

Instead of advertising, why not use your budget to pay a hefty
commission for referred business? Is this what the current direct
marketing campaigns on the web are all about?

I don't have the answers here but I do know that we should
watch partner programs closely, one day you may not want to
put together a marketing or advertising program without one.                    .
Recent articles in DM News

1. "Web Advertising Calls for Marketing 101"

"The Internet gold rush is in full steam in the hi-tech arena. "There's gold
in them thar' hills" is the cry heard throughout hi-tech marketers' offices.
However, no one is exactly sure what hills, how far to dig or how much
gold will result from prospecting efforts"...

For the rest of this story:

2. "Campaign to Boost Banner Response by Integrating Real-World Data"

"Intelligent Interactions hopes to prove that marketing with data gathered
offline can increase response rates in cyberspace with a test advertising
campaign for Preview Travel on The Motley Fool's Web site"...

For the rest of the story:

*note- this is a targeted marketing test (begins 2/28)
by three local companies: two netpreneurs and a database/
segmentation company

3. "Federal Employees Are Becoming the Web's Most Active Buyers"

"The federal government invented the Internet, so it should not be
surprising that federal employees are among its most active users"...

The story:

*note- this story highlights local netpreneur Electric Press

4. "Switch to SQL Pays Off for Surplus Direct"

"What a difference a year and Structured Query Language (SQL)
software can make. Before changing to SQL, Surplus Direct's Web
site became lethargic whenever it was in use by a large number of
people. The SQL software has increased both the number of
customers the site can handle at one time and its ability to maintain
a high level of response time"...

The story:
P&G is using the WWW for product test marketing.
For a first hand view:
Recent articles in The Washington Post

1. "Rewriting Job Titles: From Company Recruiter to 'Nerd-Rustler'-
a nice piece on technology titles, mentions local netpreneurs:

2. "AOL's Man With a Mission; Marketing Whiz Bob Pittman Is Out
To Make the Service A True Mass Medium":
Symantec gets into SPAM trouble- Symantic, creator of my beloved
ACT! (maybe its time to finally throw in the towel & use full blown MS
Outlook for contact management), Norton Utilities, pcANYWHERE and
Norton AntiVirus got into trouble recently when it sent unsolicited
email to customers promoting its Web site builder, Visual Page.

Read all about how Symantec called the emailing a "procedural
oversight" and then tried to explain the company's *opt-out* email

Better yet, visit an anti-SPAM newsgroup and get the real story at:

*note- while you're in this newsgroup, check out the current
controversy on ISP Netcom
Eastman Kodak Co. recently acquired 51% of local netpreneur
PictureVision, Inc. of Herndon.
PictureVision, Inc. is the leading US provider of digital imaging
services that allow photographs to be stored and sent over the

Take a look at the product page:

And then look at the American Greetings Online promotion:
Speaking of pictures, CKS Washington D.C. recently unveiled
the Eckerd site The site is
actually three sites in one:, and
e-photo. com. PictureVision technology & marketing
is behind Eckerd's e-photo site
A new ad auction house held its first auction this past week.
Adauction has a real time online auction system & a partnership
with IMGIS' AdForce 2.0. Over 30 sites already participate in
the service. I don't know how this service will do but I sure like
their site. Check it out:

Links, Resources

Inc. Online seems to have added content to it's *Guide
to Business Technology*  .
This guide is broken down into several sections including
"read, connect, surf, compute, compare and learn." Maybe
I'm missing something here but resources offered here are
only fair and don't drill to deep.

One area I thought was useful was the "Biz Tech Index" Inc. Magazine
articles and (AOL) online chats are archived here. Several
of the articles archived are outdated but advice offered is
still relevant.
The current Channel Seven NetTech Ad Awards Winner
(Internet Technology Ad Campaign Awards) is Exodus
Communications for the *How Much Bandwidth* campaign by

BTW, while you are at Channel Seven check out the
*Audience Building Tool Kit*, located on the navigation bar
FREE Marketing Help-

Bonnie Gardner has contacted our group and is looking to
donate her time to a couple of companies that need marketing
help. Bonnie is online editor for National Education Association's
online magazine; NEA Today Online  .

Bonnie is also a Johns Hopkins business grad student & is looking
for an Internet/new media company or two to work with on two
marketing assignments.

One project would be a fairly short-term customer research study
with a time frame of mid-March and April.  The other project, her
final degree requirement, would be an in-depth, semester-long
effort, such as developing a full-blown marketing plan for a

If your company is interested, or you want additional
information, please contact Bonnie directly at:


A full calendar of regional events can be found at:

The Netpreneur Program 
and The Smithsonian Associates are partnering on March 11
to present *Networking with the Netpreneurs*, a program
featuring four of the region's up and coming digital age

SusanDeFife, founder & CEO of Women's Connection Online
Raul Fernandez, founder & CEO of Proxicom, Inc.
Nat Kannan, founder & CEO of University Publishing
Rob McGovern, founder & CEO of Career Builder

Last June, the Netpreneur Program *An Evening with the Barons*
and introduced you to Jim Kimsey, founder of AOL and Bill Melton,
founder of CyberCash.  March 11 is a kind of Barons
in Waiting -- netpreneurs who are taking their businesses to the
next level of success.

You can register online with the Smithsonian:

Or, you can register by telephone at 202/357-3030 on Monday
through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  When registering, the
code for the event is 1L0-815.  The event will be held at the
National Museum of Natural History and will be followed by a
wine and cheese reception.  The cost is $15.00.
Public Relations In The Wired World

Technology is changing the rules of the game in public relations. The
explosion of communications over the Internet and other new electronic
media outlets are having an enormous impact on how, why and where public
relations is done. The 1998 Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)
Technology Section Conference offers a day-long event covering such topics
as Publicity And Media Relations On The Internet, International Public
Relations For High Tech Companies, Taking Your Organization's Web
Site To The Next Level and Crisis Communications In The Electronic Age.

Many of our fellow netpreneurs will be featured in panel discussions, including
representatives from Women's Connection Online, Proxicom, the Zeff Group
and TVontheWeb. In a luncheon session, the PRSA will present its Awards for
Excellence in Technology Journalism.

The conference is open to all and will be held March 20 at the Hotel
Washington on Pennsylvania Avenue. The cost is $150 for PRSA Technology
Section Members, $175 for PRSA Members and $200 for non-members. Those
prices go up $25 after February 20. Exhibit sponsorship opportunities are
also available. For more information visit:


Boomerang Delivery Services, Inc., a
regional netpreneur, is doing some primary market research and
wants ad-market folks to fill out it's survey, found at:

Boomerang wants our folks to offer ideas on improving format and
content and also suggest ways to incent people to complete it's
survey. This start-up is using traditional off-line marketing and
partnering methods and is looking to our group to provide on-line
marketing expertise and ideas.
A recent survey by Price Waterhouse says that 80 percent
of  global CEOs think electronic commerce will reshape
competition in their industries. For this survey, 377 CEOs
from North America, Europe and Asia were polled.
Dun & Bradstreet has also done a recent survey- of small business
owners. This survey shows that small business interest in the
Internet is growing rapidly. 5% of small business owners surveyed
by D&B last year thought the Internet was an important tool. This
year's survey found 47 percent have access to the Internet and 35
percent maintain their own Web sites.

List News

Who says lists don't get immediate results?

I recently read that a high percentage of journalists (I think 50%)
are going to the Internet for information. The following
post was sent to the online advertising discussion list on behalf
of Rob Runett, by list moderator Richard Hoy (got that?).

I sent Rob a note, offering to post his note to ad-market. Rob's
response to me follows the original post. I thought Rob's
experience was interesting & wanted to pass it along:

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent:   Monday, February 09, 1998 12:15 PM
Subject:        ONLINE-ADS>> PRESS INQUIRY: min's New Media Report

I'm send this out on behalf of Rob Runett, assistant editor of min's New
Media Report. Please direct all responses to him ( ).
He needs your comments by Wednesday afternoon (2/11/98).

richard hoy


I wanted to post a question to the discussion list because I think
the participants could offer some great insight. A major, major content
company has decided to report unique visitors as its exclusive measure of
traffic. It feels that page views have gone the same way as "hits," which
is in the dumpster. A competitor to this site says that page views are
still very relevant as a metric.

I wanted to know what the media buyers and advertisers think about this.
Would they look more favorably on a content site (primarily from a print
or broadcast company) that bases its viewership on unique visitors? What's
the best metric to measure traffic these days?

   Thanks Richard. I'm trying to close this article by Wednesday
afternoon. Please publish my email address ( along
with the questions.

Talk to you soon,


Rob Runett
assistant editor
min's New Media Report


Hi Mitch -

Thanks for responding to my message. Don't worry about posting
my message to Ad-Market this time around - I've been surprisingly
bombarded with responses from the Online Ad participants! It's incredible -
I think I received about 60 messages within 5 hours yesterday after
Richard emailed my original question. I'm holding onto all of the names
as potential contacts, and I've done the same with yours.

        Take care,
The following comes from Bob Raskin's  T h e   I n t e r n e t   T o u r B u s
list. I pass this along for a couple of reasons. I don't know how many
in the group have received the Bill Gates $1000/Windows '98 email,
Bob puts this story to bed. This is a good list (read to mean
kept me awake vs. put me to sleep). List subscribe information follows
the excerpt.

Also, check out the ad for that follows. Talk about effective
email advertising, note how Bob integrates the Tour Bus design & name into
the ad. Before we take a ride on the bus, let me mention that John Dvorak's
editorial this month ("Chain Letters Suck and other Musings ") also talks
about the Bill Gates email:

Thanks to Gabe Goldberg, of the Capital PC Users Group's Internet
SIG for this one. And
now...lets climb on the bus-

 T h e   I n t e r n e t   T o u r B u s LIST


This post contains inline ASCII graphics that look best in a monospace
font like Courier.  Text-to-speech readers should turn off punctuation
    _________ ____________ ________ __________ _____________ ___ _
   /         |            /        |          |             /   | \
  |         5,000 PAGES OF FREE STUFF ON THIRDAGE.COM!     /    |  \
  |__________|__________/__________|__________|___________/     |   \
 /                                                       /______|----\
|   PLUS: Chat 24 Hours a Day * Discussions * Polls *    |//////|    |
|   Contests * Free Personal Home Pages * Horoscopes *   |//////|    |
|    Celebrities * Web Reviews * Daily News * Bargain    |//////|    |
|      Shopping * Tech Tips * Expert Advice * More!      |//////|    |
|                                                        |//////|    |
|    Check out - The Web...for GrownUps!    |//////|    |
|             |//////|    |
    /   \  /   \                                             /   \
    \___/  \___/  T h e   I n t e r n e t   T o u r B u s    \___/

Back on 11 December 1997, we talked about an urban legend floating
around the Net that said

     Hello everybody,

     My name is Bill Gates.  I have just written up an e-mail tracing
     program that traces everyone to whom this message is forwarded
     to.  I am experimenting with this and I need your help.  Forward
     this to everyone you know and if it reaches 1000 people everyone
     on the list will receive $1000 at my expense.  Enjoy.

     Your friend,
     Bill Gates

You will also remember that I called Microsoft back in December to
verify this story, and George Shaw, a spokesperson for Microsoft, told
me that the story is "officially not true."  More on that after this word
from our sponsor...

><><><><><><><><> SimpleNet CMS - Commerce Made Simple <><><><><><><
All the tools needed for fast and easy setup of your online business:
Domain Web Account, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Traffic, 5 POP email
     Accounts, KoolCat Shopping Cart, VeriSign Secure Server Key.
                SPECIAL: $649 setup and only $50/month.
><><><><><><><><> SimpleNet CMS - Commerce Made Simple <><><><><><><

Well, it seems that the "Bill Gates' $1000 email tracing program" hoax
recently morphed ... twice.  The first new story floating around the
Net is that in addition to $1000, Mr. Bill "custard face" Gates is
also going to send the first thousand people who respond to his email
a free copy of Windows 98 (a.k.a. "Macintosh 87").  The second
"morphization" congratulates you for being one of the first thousand
people to respond to Bill's email, and tells you that all that you
need to do to claim your prize is reply with your credit card number
and expiration date so that Bill can credit your account.  [If you are
dumb enough to fall for that last one, please remove yourself from the
gene pool.]

For the record, _ALL_ of the "Bill Gates' $1000 email tracing program"
stories are 100% untrue.  You can find out more about this hoax on the
Web at

Subscribe info:

Archives on the Web at


Editors: Reprint TOURBUS in your publication for free - Ask me how.
    Send this copy to 3 friends and tell them to hop on the Bus!

Subscription Info.

I depend on word-of-mouth to spread the word about this newsletter.
If you enjoy reading *Marketing Musings*, please tell a friend or
colleague about it. Please cc: or bcc: when
forwarding the newsletter, thanks. Please forward the newsletter
in its entirety.

Anyone can sign up for a free subscription by joining the Netpreneur
Program  (free & easy) at: and then going to

To view the ad-market discussion group archives:

Marketing Musings is Copyright  1996-2003 Morino Institute, all rights
reserved. The information contained in this newsletter has been
obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but is not necessarily
complete and its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. It is provided "as is"
and your use is at your own risk

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