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Re: AM: Other advertising income models?

To:     ad-market
Subject:     Re: AM: Other advertising income models?
Date:     Wed, 4 Mar 1998 13:14:29 -0500

In a message dated 3/4/98 11:28:00 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

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The immediate idea that comes to mind when looking to reach a very targeted
audience through a broad reaching web-stie would be to employ the use of the
different "push" technologies that are available to you.  For example, you
could have a sign up (registration) process for individuals that come to your
site.  Have them fill out a simple and easy to do questionnaire about their
interests.   I would recommend using drop-down menu's with specific categories
of their interest based on your database.

Then have your webmaster (or outsource to a company that can do this for you)
to embed the programming language to send your users only those ads in your
database that interest them.  You could do this in several ways;

1.  pop-up banner ads that come onto the individuals screen based on the
criteria they put in during the registration process.

2.  create an email forum that will send your subscribers this content
(remember to make it don't want to be accused of spamming).

I think the precision targeting that our medium affords us to do will
eventually be very commonplace.  Currently, my company is able to also rotate
banner ads by zip code.  I am pursuing the above suggestions for my service

Advertisers will pay a premium for targeted marketing.  The online community
presents a powerful marketing tool to advertisers to not only brand product
and services but to do direct marketing in a very cost efficient and timely

Good luck with your pursuits.

Mark N. Dorf
Digital City, Inc. (an AOL Studio Company)
(703) 918-1872

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