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AM: Re: Other advertising income models?

To:     <>
Subject:     AM: Re: Other advertising income models?
From:     "Fleck" <>
Date:     Wed, 4 Mar 1998 13:40:35 -0500


It seems like the menu of advertising models is pretty well 
established right now, and that what you might be looking for 
is not necessarily a new ad model but an overall business 
model that incorporates advertising options appropriately.

Would a "yellow pages" approach -- or some variation-- 
make some sense here?  It's a pretty familiar model-- list
everyone, then provide extra services to vendors/clients who are
willing to pay (or pay more).  Those services could include:
 -- higher placement in search results (might include some
    text formatting or an icon to further differentiate)
 -- rotation of banner ads keyed to search results or category-
    specific browsing
 -- client mini-sites-- basically a full page ad linked from the 
    client entry

Obviously the yellow pages aproach would be just one part of 
your model; it would probably make sense to have supporting 
content (both web pages and email broadcasts, which could be
sponsored).  Transaction capabilities tend to follow naturally
from a vendor DB implementation.  The virtual community approach
that Terry Steichen mentioned is a possibility-- it's not appropriate
in every situation but can help you "lock in" your target audience
and make your site more atractive to vendors (I just attended a 
virtual communities conference in February and would be happy to 
share some thoughts with you).

The parallel you make to specialty magazines is interesting, 
because they provide you with nice marketing channels.
If ad sales reps for those pubs are independent they may be able
to sell packages for your site as well.  The pubs themselves (along 
with trade associations appropriate for your target audience) can 
be used to drive eyes to the site.

Steve "Fleck" Fleckenstein
Morino Institute/ Netpreneur Program

-----Original Message-----

Jeff MacConnell wrote:
Most of the recent discussion is about banners, sponsorships,
click-throughs, etc., but aren't there other income models under the
heading of "advertising"?   I'm developing a site offering to the public
information and other related services, but focusing on a database which
will help them select a specific type of product using their personal
needs and preferences.

The plan is to recruit a client base (of many hundreds) whose product
details would be listed in the database, and who would be charged a
monthly fee (based on quarterly billing periods).  In many ways, the
advertising model would be parallel to publishing ads in a specialty
magazine which markets to a demographic/ interest group of consumers who
would benefit considerably by using a system which enables them to
choose from a large number of similar product offerings using
considerably detailed personal parameters.

I'd appreciate input from our netpreneurs with their wide-ranging
interests, experiences, and perspectives.


Jeff MacConnell
IDeal Destinations, Inc.

Re: AM: Re: Other advertising income models?, Jeff MacConnell

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